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NameNew Super Mario Bros. 2
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Anyone who has played through New Super Mario Bros. 2, a game for the Nintendo DS, was not surprised by its new idea. Not surprisingly, it became one of the best-selling Mario games in Nintendo history. Classic and modern, rustic and sophisticated in each image, color, attractive gameplay, fun, and speed, do you want to explore New Super Mario Bros. 2?

Introduce about New Super Mario Bros. 2

Collect gold coins, save the princess!

Mario and Luigi this time are the ones who are obsessed with gold coins

It’s still the eternal story and the eternal “adversity” between the Mario brothers (Mario and Luigi) and the monster Bowser and the Koopalings, who always start the war by kidnapping Princess Peach to plot to annex the Mushroom kingdom.

You will choose one of two characters to start the adventure to find and rescue Princess Peach. But compared to other Mario games, the main task of the two brothers here is a bit different: You will need to collect a lot of gold coins of all sizes (and sometimes other colors like orange, blue… depending on the scene), and use your unique skills to escape the enemies, to get closer to the princess’s cellar.

Horizontal play scene with too many anomalies and secrets

New Super Mario Bros. 2 has a lot of unique gameplay scenes. You will not only wander around the Mushroom kingdom, go into dungeons, but also through the Desert World, the frozen Glacier, and the hot lava strip. Each scene has its difficulties, and especially the adventure in New Super Mario Bros. 2 is very diverse. Sometimes there are hidden vaults, which you will find when you collect all the gold coins under a brick, or sometimes small pipes that shoot you up into the blue clouds, then when you land, move in the opposite direction. Exploring every nook and cranny in each scene will bring you a lot of gold coins, which is a must-have to reach the target which is the castle holding the princess.

You will get a lot of motivation in the game

Coins are the main item in the game. Not only do you need to earn 100 coins to get a new life, but the bigger goal is to earn a million coins to open a new scene on the adventure. Compared to traditional Mario, New Super Mario Bros. 2 completely changed the concept and purpose of the character. This is what creates a high level of excitement and a new feeling in players when now Mario games seem to be oversaturated and gradually lost the meaning of the original. People are starting to get bored with the typical Mario, they need something strange, more attractive, in terms of concept, not just changing the scene or character. And New Super Mario Bros. 2 did it after a long time of waiting.

The essence of collecting coins is not only a great motivation to open up new opportunities for the character Mario, but also helps the game dig into every detail. The fact that there are a lot of “lost” coins somewhere in objects, bricks, under flowers, hidden in clouds… will make you constantly scour and search like a true detective. Secrets and hidden corners will transport you to the world of joy and propel the game into a new realm of excitement.

Characters have a lot of cool skills

In addition to coins, an important change to mention is the main characters, Mario and Luigi. In this part of the game, the two brothers are quite similar and have the same abilities, only differing in their clothes and body shape a bit. Our Mario here in this game has some different things compared to other games. He can put on top of a speeding block to run fast for coins or freely ram enemies without fear of death, Mario can also eat a mushroom and turn into a giant version own giant which can hold an opponent to fight another enemy, a yellow flower can turn Mario into little Midas, and everything around turns into coins to eat freely… Those tweaks brought a whole new look to both the concept and the main character in this comeback.

The enemies are still the same, they are still Bowser’s annoying companions like Fire Flower, Starman, and Super Leaf… They have strong fighting abilities and can transform Mario into another weaker form (like Raccoon Mario). Mega and Mini Mushrooms from the original New Super Mario Bros also appear, but with very little frequency. It has been moderated so as not to become too abusive like before, giving the spotlight entirely to the two Mario brothers.

Super cute graphics

New Super Mario Bros. 2 uses 3D graphics, creates cute shapes like before, the colors are especially fresh and much more colorful, even though they only revolve around cheerful pastel colors. Playing this game the first feeling is very happy. It does not contain any tricks or traps, you can enter the game without any thinking or long speculation. Playing relaxing games is to be ethereal and simple like this, don’t you think?

The scenes in New Super Mario Bros. 2 carry many secrets. In each world for each character, you will have two castles. And hidden in it is a haunted house, with completely disappearing doors and duplicated rooms. Lots of secrets need to be discovered, even if it’s not on the map. You will have to constantly go through the locations you have passed in the scene to explore every nook and cranny. Every detail, if you find it a little unusual, do not ignore it, sometimes it contains something interesting.

If you want to challenge more, you can play Coin Rush co-op mode. You will have to accumulate as much money as possible through three levels randomly selected by the game within a certain limited time. The pressure is on the accumulation of limited time and the series of secrets hidden in each scene.

Download New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS ROM & CIA

Play New Super Mario Bros. 2 is like looking at a masterpiece by Michelangelo. Every time you look back, you will have a new feeling. Layers of secrets in the game with a series of hidden hints from the arrangement of the gold coins will make you sink in the passion.

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