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NameMetroid Fusion
ConsoleBoy Advance

Metroid Fusion is an adventure, action game on the Game Boy Advance console system.

Introducing Metroid Fusion

This game was produced by Nintendo and released in 2002 on the Game Boy Advance system. This is an improved version of Super Metroid (1994). With its engaging gameplay, the game has received a lot of positive reviews. Along with that, this game was considered the Game of the Year at the Interactive Achievement Award in 2002. In addition, this game is also one of the best titles on GBA by IGN and GameSpot.


The story tells about Samus Aran, a bounty hunter with a team of experimenters that explore the surface of planet SR388. However, she and her group were attacked by a temporary parasite called X. After the parasitic attack, she lost consciousness, the ship was also destroyed. But she was saved with a vaccine taken on the planet and her mission now is to find the source of the parasites to eradicate. They are asexual species in outer space, so it is extremely dangerous if not destroyed right now.


Metroid Fusion possesses gameplay like the Contra game. Move across the screen and use the weapon to destroy the enemy. A stage will split into several rooms separated by doors. You will have to explore all the rooms to complete the quest. In addition, some rooms contain a puzzle element, you need to solve the secret before you can go to the next room.

In such a dangerous mission, you can find the pieces to upgrade your power. The armor you have worn can absorb parasitic monsters to restore lost Health Points, ammo, and missiles. Another thing worth noting is that the plot in this section is just a straight line and there are no side quests like other Metroid parts.


Your character at the beginning of the game will only have a little equipment. Her Power Suit has been replaced with the Fusion Suit, so all her abilities have been lost. And to continue this dangerous mission, you must regain your power by downloading data at the stations and absorbing Core-X.

The weapon she wielded is a distinct type. It can fire any type of missile whether it is normal, ice, diffuse, … you can change any type you want. And they all share the same magazine, which means that no matter what type of ammunition you use, you lose the ammo count. In addition, you also carry a powerful weapon that is Power Bombs. Its damage and explosion range are enormous, almost full screen, but can only be used once.


Metroid Fusion is designed with 2D graphics in the form of Side-Scrolling. From the character to the scene are beautifully designed. It is worth noting here that the alien monsters are very meticulously designed. And that has created an attraction for players.

Download Metroid Fusion GBA ROM for Game Boy Advance

This is an extremely attractive action-adventure game that Nintendo has brought to the Game Boy Advance system. Even so far, this game is still loved by a lot of people and there are many speedrun were opened for everyone to participate. And you? Join the game and incarnate into Samus Aran and destroy the germ of danger in space to protect your planet. The game download link will be attached below the article, in addition you can find many other games on GBA at APKMODY.

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