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NameMega Man Zero
ConsoleBoy Advance

Mega Man Zero is an action game associated with the childhood of many generations of Game Boy’s crazy fans. Now you can reminisce beautiful childhood memories with the robot hero right on your mobile phone.

Mega Man Zero: Will the golden-haired robot hero return to bring things back to the inherent order?

Anyone who had a “fierce” childhood with a series of Mega Man games must never forget the standard 8-bit 2D graphic details of that time. They were very detailed, smooth, and so undeniably beautiful. Every movement in the game is hand-drawn by talented designers. For now, we can again reminisce about the overwhelming feeling of the past when this game is re-enacted on a mobile platform.

The story

In one year in the future, it has been a century since the most brutal war between man and robot. Wind waves seem to be gone. Humans and the Reploids are living together, X is now leading the Neo Arcadia government, and Zero is hibernating after the battle with Sigma.

Ciel, a scientist being chased by an enemy, reluctantly revived the sleeping Zero. Zero has resurrected and officially entered the dangerous wars. History is recurring between Humans and the Reploid robots.

In the game, you will be playing the role of Zero. The highest-level Maverick Hunter warrior is back and more powerful than before.

With the successive details, the plot is divided into parts, but still very complex. If not followed closely, it is difficult to understand. Mega Man Zero’s gameplay, whether the original on the old Game Boy or the mobile remake now, is not easy to win. It takes time to get used to the buttons (now virtual buttons on the phone screen), characters’ movements, and attacks to be truly fluent. And when you get used to them, addiction is inevitable.

The easy but attractive gameplay

In the game, Zero also always has a companion. In the first scene, the companion is Ciel who awakens Zero after a long sleep. In the following scenes, depending on the missions, Zero will be granted or choose a companion who is one of the Reploids belonging to The Renaissance of Ciel. This friend, though not directly involved in the war, can give advice and reasonable explanations for important events on the road.

Adding a new addition to the mobile remake of Mega Man Zero is the Cyber-Elf system. These are small helper creatures known as Cyber ​​Elves, which can assist you in battle. The Cyber ​​Elves’ food is the E-Crystals, which are thrown when Zero defeats the enemy. These Cyber ​​Elves, in addition to helping with combat, can also provide permanent improvements to Zero. And in some cases, it can help Zero increase blood and some other temporary abilities such as slowing down time or deflecting bullets in a short time. But note that, if you use Cyber ​​Elves, your accumulation points on each mission will be reduced quite a bit if you win by the help, not just by strength.

The gameplay in Mega Man Zero is extremely simple, just like what you did with your little game console. The emulator buttons on the screen help you navigate, jump, run forward, shoot and attack. Of course, it is not the feeling of joyfully clicking the button on Game Boy, but in exchange, you will have a sense of convenience and speed, just by one finger.

8-bit image and motion

Almost every good thing of Mega Man Zero comes from the simple gameplay and attractive graphics reminiscent of childhood. The scene in the game is harmonious. The main character moves quickly, and the bosses occupy more than half of the screen (not small like in today’s mobile games). Mega Man Zero deserves to be a legendary warrior.

You may run like gliding across the clouds with rockets underfoot, slash enemies with just one shot and glide away like a wind. It’s a pleasure to contemplate the old hero that is exactly the same and as vivid as on Game Boy. The most enjoyable is when shooting the boss, Zero fires like crazy, each bullet is as big as a brick. The way the boss exploded also makes you feel surprised when witnessing that big body broken.

Music is also something you will never forget

Different from other modern mobile fighting games that often depict the harshness and gore of the battlefield. Mega Man Zero uses fun, fast melody music, which will make you dance while playing.

Download Mega Man Zero GBA ROM for free

If you don’t believe it, download Mega Man Zero to play right here to verify! Please tell me about your first feelings when you see a familiar scene after many years.

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