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NameMega Man & Bass
ConsoleBoy Advance

Mega Man & Bass is a classic game inspired by the legendary Robot character, but there are two options for players: Mega Man or Bass. In the game, no matter who you play, you have the same goal of destroying the evil robot King to save humanity and protect the world.

Introduce about Mega Man & Bass

Do you save the world because you want humanity to be at peace or because you want to express yourself?

The plot and birth of the legend, Mega Man & Bass

Mega Man & Bass can be seen as an extended side story of the classic Mega Man series on the Game Boy platform. In this game, you will play as one of two robot heroes, Mega Man or Bass. Each has its unique moves, abilities, and attacks.

But whether it’s Mega Man or Bass, both of them have a common enemy: Robot King, who is trying to take over the world, dominate humanity and all the present Robots, with the dirtiest and worst tricks. Although the purpose of destroying enemies is a little different: Mega Man wants to save the world and protect humanity while Bass wants to win to prove he is the strongest robot, in the end, the destination remains the same so that all parties involved will regain peace.

Mega Man & Bass’s rare diversity and versatility compared to other same retro game genres

First is the flexibility of the incarnation characters. In this game, you can choose to play the classic Mega Man or the rebellious young robot Bass. Whoever you choose, you will have their own forte and shorts, and they are completely different.

For example, when playing the role of Mega Man, you will move by sliding on the plane thanks to the pair of rockets attached to your feet, the basic attack is all kinds of kicks and quick shots. When playing with Bass, you will have the ability to attack quickly with fire, shoot in seven directions, move gliding, and the signature double jump. I prefer Bass when I play because of the new and interesting feeling of this character’s shape and because the way to move is also more special than Mega Man. Which character is more suitable for players depends on each person’s own feelings.

Also unlike the games already in the legendary Mega Man series, which usually only have three Robot characters available to play for all levels, now Mega Man & Bass will let you unlock new functions, weapons, and powers for the same chosen character after defeating a or two bosses. Of course, these upgrades correspond to the difficulty of the enemies in the next scenes. So, players do not need to worry about whether the upcoming battle will be balanced or not.

About the difficulty of the scenes

The producer Mega Man is too famous for making it difficult for players. In the old style, the difficulty is a series of thorn traps, death pits, hidden enemies lurking everywhere… The new difficulty comes from the bosses themselves in each scene. In the previous Mega Man, no matter how hard to kill the robot boss was, the kinds of complex attacks were predictable. As soon as the opponent takes the first blow, you might understand right away and defeat it.

But when it comes to Mega Man & Bass, you absolutely do not know in advance what will happen to each boss, even if you have suffered 1-2 attacks for testing. A heavy boss in this game can have several different moves, and each time they attack, they use a new style, sometimes they combine two moves into one, which makes the process of predicting and finding the weak points of the Boss becomes more difficult than ever.

Review of graphics and sound

The visuals in Mega Man & Bass do a great job of designing characters and the system of attacks, from both Mega Man or Bass and the villainous Robots. The levels of difficulty are also very clear when the shaping of the scene bosses is increasingly complex and unpredictable. Making surprises in visual and perspective is an attraction in this Mega Man & Bass expansion game.

The sound effects are also a must-say part. The common point of retro Game Boy games is that the background music is quite vibrant, especially in fights at terrifying speed. Although there are not too many new points in music compared to other Mega Man games, Mega Man & Bass, in return, has a series of dramatic and attractive sound effects. It makes the whole game experience of the players much more enjoyable. And believe me, it may be perfect to the point that you unconsciously whistle to an interesting tune from the living room to the kitchen!

Download Mega Man & Bass GBA ROM

Are you still wondering if you should download this game and play it on mobile? It is absolutely a good retro game with a deep storyline, beautiful shapes, and unpredictable gameplay. Moreover, it has good music, unique scenes, and many good weapons that you cannot play all. Isn’t this a miracle combo of the GBA game?

What are you waiting for? Download and play Mega Man & Bass right now!

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