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NameMario vs. Donkey Kong
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Forever the kids who never grow up

Introduce about Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Do you love Mario and love Donkey Kong? If you love, is there a time when you want these two characters to appear in the same game? You will get your wish when playing Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

How Mario met Donkey Kong

Talking about the relationship between Mario and Donkey Kong in this game, we have to talk a little bit about these two well-known characters.

Mario is a plumber and Nintendo’s mascot. Mario loves Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom and always tries to protect and save her whenever she falls into the Bowser monster’s repeated kidnapping plan.

Donkey Kong (aka DK) is a fictional ape appearing in Nintendo’s Donkey Kong and Mario series of video games. In the game series of the same name, Donkey Kong often goes looking for bananas or rescues bananas. In the Mario series, Donkey Kong plays the villain.

Although the ways are different, these two “children” both live to the fullest with the passion and ideals that they think are right. It is this common ground that leads to a plot that cannot be more nonsense (but still extremely convincing, from the point of view of their personalities).

In what situation will two characters meet each other this time?

Mario and Donkey Kong, through years of struggle, finally meet, in the same world, of Mario vs. Donkey Kong. But the meeting situation was not very smooth.

The story is that Donkey Kong as usual is chilling by lounging on the Sofa watching TV like a potato chip. The TV jerked, but it was right at the ad for the Mini-Mario toy set by Mario Toy Co.’s toy factory. That toy is too cute, our Kong has never seen it. So in a moment, he fell in love with this toy at first sight.

So Kong runs straight to the toy factory to find Mini-Mario. While excited, the “Sold Out” sign caught his eye. Kong gets angry, bursts into the building, straight to the factory, where the Toads are in the process of making a series of Mini-Mario toys to prepare for the next batch. Donkey Kong happily took out the sack and grabbed all these cute little toys then bring them home. Toad announces the news, Mario shows up. He finds out that is Donkey Kong, one of his longtime enemies has stolen all the precious toys of the factory. So he quickly set out to catch him, take back the Mini-Marios, and talked to Donkey Kong, telling him to order like other customers and not stealing like this.


You will play as Mario, taking turns through challenging levels to find the key and rescue the Mini-Marios before the time limit of each scene passes.

When playing this game, you have to brainwash yourself, forgetting everything about Mario, from the platform to the character’s abilities. Because in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, you will play a modern version of the classic Donkey Kong but with a series of exciting changes. It’s not Mario anymore.

The game is divided into 6 worlds, each world will have its theme. First, you will start from Mario Toy Co. factory, then go to Donkey Kong’s Jungle, Ghost House…. All are familiar scenes from the worlds Nintendo has created. Each world is divided into 8 levels, of which 6 are platformers, one Mini-Mario level, and the last level is a boss fight with Donkey Kong.

Now let’s talk about the Platform levels in each world. Each level will be divided into the first half and the second half. In the first half, you will have to find the key, bring it to the closed door and open it. The second half is to rescue a Mini-Mario toy. But things are not as simple as Mario is to run fast, head, pass scenes anymore. But you have to combine your skills and gaming experience with finding and using items in the scene to do the job. In each scene, Mario will be supported with different items. Sometimes it’s a spring that jumps and flips up, or it’s a button that, when touched, the bricks of the same color will disappear to reveal the way for you to go, or maybe you will have a hammer to knock the enemy’s head …. But note that all weapons you have in hand only last for a certain time, then automatically lost. For each item, Mario will have appropriate abilities. For example, when touching the hammer, Mario will automatically pick it up, or when touching the brick, he will throw it away to destroy the enemy. All you need to focus on is not finding a weapon for Mario, but finding the Key and the Door to rescue Mini-Mario. You must master the moves and understand how to use different items to pass levels.

At the final level of each world, you will face the main boss, Donkey Kong. Your strength now is determined by the number of Mini-Marios you have rescued in the previous levels. In my opinion, the Boss battle is quite simple, even easier to overcome than finding the way in each previous level. It is true that the core of this game is “puzzle and crosses the road”, not boss fighting at all.

Old sound and tunes but it’s still very attractive

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is interesting in that it uses all the familiar items, tunes, and sound effects from Donkey Kong, but the gameplay and appearance of Mario and the characters in the Mario world are completely new. You can hear the snarling sound, the familiar jungle sounds like in the old days when playing Donkey Kong. Everything is both strange and familiar, both ancient and modern, and very cheerful and youthful.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong uses a pseudo-3D design style for every drawing, so it both feels like a classic block like playing on an old GBA and still feels like playing a modern Wii U game. Maybe many people like it, many people don’t, but having played it, you will have to admit that the colors are very subtle, and it is the clumsy of this graphic that sometimes brings its charm.

A platform game combines puzzles, everything is both strange and familiar, for both Mario and Donkey Kong fans. Hard to play? Yes, especially the increasingly tricky scenes with increasingly difficult obstacles. Is it easy to play? If you figure out the logic of each scene, you can pass levels easily.

Download Mario vs. Donkey Kong GBA ROM for free

Playing Mario vs. Donkey Kong needs more than a little patience. If you want it easier, you can pause at the beginning of each scene to find the logic then start playing.

Download Mario vs. Donkey Kong here

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