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NameMario Kart: Super Circuit
ConsoleBoy Advance

Mario Kart: Super Circuit is a Kart racing game, released by Nintendo on the Game Boy Advance system. Download the game now!

Introduce about Mario Kart: Super Circuit

The game was released on July 21, 2001. This is the third part in the Mario Kart series following two Super Mario Kart (1992) and Mario Kart 64 (1996). This game still retains the tradition of a Mario Kart game, so when it was released, it received a lot of praise. And so far, this game is still one of the most worth playing games on the Game Boy Advance system.


This is a game of the Kart racing genre, specifically that you will control your character and try to finish before others. Each track will have a certain number of laps, whoever finishes first in the last lap will be the winner.

It is important that you control your character not to slip off the track. If you slip off from the track, your speed will be significantly reduced. Besides, you need to dodge the obstacles on the track to keep the maximum speed. On the track will appear items to help you turn the game, pay attention to earn and use those items, sometimes they will be very useful for you.


Before starting, you can choose one of the 8 characters that the system offers. Characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Toad, DK, Yoshi, and Wario. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, there are characters with high weight will have a slower speed than other characters. However, when touches a smaller weight racer, you can defeat him easily. The speed and weight index of each character will be displayed when you choose that character.


Mario Kart: Super Circuit owns quite a few races. It has more than 80 different races for you to experience the new. In addition to the already unlocked races, you can also unlock hidden races by winning tournaments, unlocked with coins, … And the difficulty of each track is different, what showed the developer’s sophistication. One of the most difficult maps is Cheese Land and Bowser Castle 3. This map requires precision when drifting on the bends, otherwise you will be highly likely to be overtaken by other opponents.


The game includes 5 modes:

  • Mario GP: In this mode, players will race against 7 other players controlled entirely by the AI (this number is 6 if you play Multiplayer). And the mode has up to 5 trophies that are Mushroom, Flower, Lightning, Star and Special. You can join to compete for any trophy you want.
  • Time Trial: Single player mode, you must complete 40 courses with the fastest time possible.
  • Quick Run: One person mode but you can choose any course you want. But you are the one who sets the rules of the game and chooses the number of laps (from 3 to 5).
  • VS: This is a multiplayer game mode, which can be up to 4 people.
  • Battle: This mode requires multiple players, a maximum of 3 people. People will use the arena items to eliminate other players.


Mario Kart: Super Circuit owns pretty 3D graphics. Although only using Pixel graphics technology, but from the character to the track are wonderful and lively. Besides, you also have more than 80 tracks to enjoy while playing. Some of the songs I like to listen to the most are Sky Garden and Snowland. However, the quality of the Game Boy Advance’s sound card is pretty poor. For a more perfect experience, you can search the game’s tracks on the Internet.

Download Mario Kart: Super Circuit GBA ROM

This is an extremely good racing game with attractive gameplay. The game has many modes and “cool” items waiting for you to explore. Join the race now with Mario Kart: Super Circuit to establish yourself as a super racer.

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