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NameMario Golf: Advance Tour
ConsoleBoy Advance

Mario Golf: Advance Tour is a lightly integrated golf sports game with role-playing elements that was quite famous on old Game Boy machines. Do you want to play this game on mobile one more time?

Mario Golf: Advance Tour: The best Mario-inspired golf game of all time

Mario-inspired golf game with many differences

Mario eating mushrooms, since his debut and being successful on the market more than 20 years ago, has officially become the character that inspires many later games. The combination of the character Mario and different game forms and themes has created a colorful Mario universe that anyone having a childhood with a game machine can’t deny. This time, the developer Camelot let Mario go golfing with the game no less legendary than any GBA game before, Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

In this 16-bit game, sport isn’t just golf, it’s also packed with engaging role-playing elements and a solid RPG story mode. Of course, it is shown through the dialogues between the characters that we are so familiar with. This time, we will follow two players, Neil and Ella through an exciting summer at Marion Country Club. Here they have the opportunity to make friends with many interesting people and participate in the club’s golf tournaments and finally confront the best golfers in the world who are gathered here. One of those best golfers is the final boss, Mario.

The progress in the game is cleverly arranged with a surprising last shot

When entering the game, you will choose a character, either Neil or Ella. And all the remaining characters are AI of the system. Play the game in a standard and classic way to win tournaments and slowly progress to competitions with more professionals. Along with the duels, you’ll also take turns taking part in some special skill training (like a minigame throughout the game). Any victory or success will bring you a store of accumulated experience points. An interesting point is that you can switch back and forth between the two characters and arbitrarily allocate the accumulated experience points to these two.

But what surprises and draws players into non-stop duels to reach the final destination is: from the beginning until now we still have not had the main Mario character. Where is Mario when everything around, from the scenery to the supporting characters, is all relating to Mario? The design of everything from motion to color is also the same familiar “mushroom” style. But the main character has not appeared yet. And you make your guesses: Well, after playing this scene, you will meet Mario here. Just like that, the excitement of anticipation will fuel you to be determined, play until the end when you meet Mario (and you will, in the final match).

Standard golf technique is the core of Mario Golf: Advance Tour’s success

But well, now put all the role-playing, story, plot twists aside, the essence of Mario Golf: Advance Tour is still a traditional golf game from game mode to gameplay. There are techniques that only golf enthusiasts can really absorb such as hold-in-one techniques, cool backdoor, and back-spin moves, or chip-shots that make opponents shaking.

I don’t know how other golf games are, but for me, many years ago, Mario Golf: Advance Tour was really a golf game in the top of the top class. I experienced it myself and asked for more advice from a few veteran golfers and got an answer that “Mario Golf: Advance Tour is a game with an impressive golf technique”. It may be enough to give you more motivation to learn about golf through a classic game of this kind.

Another big difference of Mario Golf: Advance Tour compared to modern golf games is that the golf games are extremely short. To do the right technique, many games now can also do it; to have a beautiful interface, many games now are more than enough. But for a match to be condensed, concise, and still full of fighting nature and rhythmic techniques, no game can do it perfectly as Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

Graphics and sound effects

It can be said that Mario Golf: Advance Tour with cannot-be-more-basic 16-bit graphics is the inspiration for most golf games later. Neither complicated nor anime-oriented, the game has well satisfied the player’s view through classic Mario cartoon graphics.

The highlight of the graphics in the game is also the transformation part of vehicle mode to simulate the 3D feeling on the background of 2D technology in the past: top-down, rear-view, and first-person perspective of the character. Every detail from every perspective appears delicate and clear despite the retro 16-bit graphics.

Sound effects are also “an indispensable spice” in Mario Golf: Advance Tour. All dialogues in the game always come with high-pitched sounds. As for the competition, the sounds from the dribbles, the background touches, and the characteristic whistles of the golf courses are all little excitement for players. The general background music of the whole game brings a sense of fun, comfort, and entertainment even though the golf technique in the game is standard, not kidding at all.

Download Mario Golf: Advance Tour GBA ROM for free

My review of Mario Golf: Advance Tour? The Mario-inspired golf-themed retro game does a great job of visualizing its character. You can play golf without feeling tired. And it is one of the rare sports games (even compared to modern games) that integrates a story and meaningful dialogue. It has a good retro aesthetic; appropriate sound; simple, logical plot; beautiful matches full of colorful fun. In general, this is the most successful golf game on the GBA platform and is also classified as top on the sports game market in general today.

It is 100% worth playing, guys. Download Mario Golf: Advance Tour right here.

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