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NameLuigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is the 3D sequel to the famous game Luigi’s Mansion. In this Dark Moon, you will play the mushroom guy Luigi, whose mission is to investigate the haunted castle, collect the ghosts that are drifting and controlled here, and find the remaining debris of Dark Moon. 

Introduce about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

The number one ghost-killing hero being afraid of ghosts!

Nintendo is already well known for its Mario-inspired games. Luigi’s Mansion is one of the sequel series of these lines and it resonates greatly. Many people think that Luigi’s Mansion is even better, more trendy and more attractive than the original Mario. But for me, each of them has their own good points. It is also unfair to compare a modern game with a legendary game from decades ago that has been a childhood memory of many generations. 

The surrealistic compelling storyline

The game begins with the Evershade Valley, where a savant is busy working with friendly ghosts in his castle. King Boo suddenly relives, using Dark Moon’s magic to command and corrupt all the ghosts here, turning them into evil minions for him. King Boo is also the one who kidnapped Mario, Luigi’s brother, and did a series of mysterious activities to take over this dark valley.

Luigi will be equipped with the Poltergust 5000, a vacuum cleaner dedicated to catching ghosts. The goal is to collect the remaining fragments of the Dark Moon, which is a magical object used to track down ghosts, control the ghosts, and put everything in its original orbit, and most importantly, destroy King Boo and rescue Mario.

Extremely attractive gameplay and graphics 

As mentioned, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is the sequel to the original Luigi’s Mansion. They have the same gameplay, graphic style and are both fun creative games that if played, you will be difficult to stop. This Dark Moon part was made with the first criterion: to make the horror survival element in a cute and lovely way for all types of players, as it did with the previous part. So basically, this game is not scary.

However, in the adventure journey of the character Luigi, there is still a traditional atmosphere of horror in the background of ghostly scenes, with distorted music. The dangers that Luigi must face are no less strange and mysterious. But all are portrayed by funny and lovable characters. For example, Luigi looked needless when he was dragged into the world of Dark Moon and had to listen to the old doctor’s silly explanation.

In this version, Luigi seems to have more acting space, more dialogue, and more diverse and logical expressions. So, I definitely lean more towards this Luigi than in previous versions. I feel it alive and have a pretty lovely connection to this character.

Special points in coop mode in this new game

If you play in Coop mode, Luigi will have another companion, Gooigi. This is a muddy version of Luigi. Although he is not the main role, he is not shelved and ignored like in some previous versions of Luigi’s Mansion. The proof is that there are some scenes that only Gooigi can enter, and there are some puzzles that can only be answered by Gooigi, as a way of affirming the existence and essential role of the second character in this version. 

In addition, Gooigi also has many special abilities, in addition to basic skills like Luigi, he also can use Poltergust to fight and can use Dark Light Bulb to have some mysterious puzzle abilities. Playing with friends, you can also freely swap between these two characters to create excitement and a new feeling.

A few notes for the first time you discover Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi’s mission is to infiltrate the haunted castle and perform the things I mentioned above. So surely our brother Luigi must go room by room, corner by corner, in search of and fulfilling his spiritual duty. Every step of Luigi is filled with horror, which makes you feel as if someone is following behind. Whatever you do, you’ll be quiet and cautious. This is probably made from the combination of the effect of the classic horror-style visual and sound effects.

And remember that no matter how creepy, you have to explore every nook and cranny in every room of the castle. Bypassing something you could miss an important hint to find the remaining Dark Moon pieces. Sometimes you even need to destroy, smash everything in a room to get a rare item according to the instructions of the game. You can imagine how this game has developed from the previous series, can’t you? You can freely interact with each scene and furniture detail in the game. You can hold, examine, toss and even use one to hit the other. As long as you complete your task in the end.

Another good thing about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is that the division of rooms in the castle breaks the linear level look often found in Mario concept games. You can hardly remember what level you have reached and how difficult it is. You only know which room you enter, what the end goal is. This shift in focus allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game experience rather than just getting points to go home.

On the way to explore the castle, you are sometimes forced to go through the mini-games like ScreamPark and ScareScraper. These small requests are also quite good and have a fast-paced, neat ending. They appear for you to collect points to have more chances to equip some cool items and do not contribute anything to the game’s secret or your performance of the mission.

Download Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS & CIA ROM

It’s such a great game. The visuals and the sound are very good. The plot is a bit lengthy, and the explorations are time-consuming, but well worth it. The game has a bit of brain hacking and inhibition at times, but just be patient and come into the details, you will be compensated quickly.

Download Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon to play now, guys.

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