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NameHarvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town
PublisherMarvelous Entertainment
ConsoleBoy Advance

Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town is a role-playing game that is completely different from any game of the same genre you have ever played on the Game Boy. The game is cute, pure, and has quite a lot of surprises.

Introduce about Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town

Farming and ranching for living a peaceful life.

A cute story that opens a new life

Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town opens the story gently and straight to the point: Your grandfather has died and left you, a handsome urban youth, a large farm in the peaceful countryside. Your task from this moment is to plant, raise, and develop his farm to grow stronger. And it is also a promising livelihood for your future.

The town where you are going to spend happy days, called Mineral Town, is a village in the North. Your farm is in the center of the town, which is surrounded by abundant mineral and mining areas. Once you have determined the geography and available resources of this new homeland, you will begin to work on the first steps for your farm.

Your task is quite simple, but you will not rest for a minute

Of course, you will start with planting and cultivating your rich gardens and fields. You will need to buy seeds from the local seed warehouse, buy a variety of vehicles and tools for farming such as hammers, axes, plows, hoes, watering cans, sickles… Of course, the game will have specific instructions so that you can follow them to calculate your money properly. Thus, don’t worry about how you should start.

Next, you need to harvest those crops that have proliferated well and sell them to collect money, continue to grow more new diverse varieties, and do some other things. The harvesting operation is just to select the harvesting tool, go to the agricultural product, press the emulator button A on the screen and you’re done. Almost all operations on this game are only around two A / B function buttons and directional arrow buttons, nothing complicated at all.

Once you have stabilized planting, harvesting, and have a decent source of money from selling or exchanging agricultural products with other people in the area, you will move to the step of diversifying products: raising poultry and livestock on the farm where too much space is left over. You will need to buy breeding stock (chickens, ducks, dairy cows, sheep, fish, shrimps), along with a series of specialized breeding tools such as brushes, feather cutters, incubators, milking machines, fishing rods, mealtime bells, etc. Don’t forget to add some dogs to herd the sheep or look after the house while you’re out in the field.

With all those efforts, you will step by step make grandpa’s farm from the barren clearings (with a small tent, a modest storehouse in which there is only one bed, one chair, a TV) to a large farm, full of agricultural products in the field, poultry and livestock of all kinds in all the barns. Money is rising in the pocket and the land is richer and richer, and you really feel you are an indispensable part of this land.

The concept of time created a lot of excitement

The highlight of the game is a Health Watch that always appears in the corner of the screen. This is a measure of your stamina and health limitations. This Watch will go down a bit whenever you do tools, plant, clean things. So, in addition to working, you also need to collect many items while playing, such as food, drinks, vitamins to ensure that the score on the Watch is stable and always at a safe level.

There is another good point in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town. Although it was released a long time ago on old game consoles with fairly basic cartoon graphics, the game delivered eye-catching and realistic performances by depicting day & night shifts in the gameplay scenes. And of course, corresponding to each time zone in the schedule, you need to obey normal rules such as 9 pm is to go to bed (otherwise you will wake up late and the whole next day will be affected). This time simulation allows you to play freely, for as long as you like and there is no limit to how many years you live and work on the farm.

If only encapsulated within your farm, sometimes things are a bit boring. You can also interact with the inhabitants of the town, chat, discuss and find ways to exploit resources, do healthy activities such as swimming in hot springs… Participating enthusiastically in the given time will help you get great loot and rewards. And on top of that, the sentiment quotient of your connection and your good relationship with the locals will increase. After that, you may open up many new opportunities in the future such as someone telling you about a new water source, how to buy new seeds at a cheaper price than usual…

Getting married, the unexpected in a GBA game

In particular, the bright star in this GBA game must be the Marriage part. In the village, there are 6 young girls, each lovely and unique in their own way. You’ll chat, give gifts, and go for a walk with each of them to find out who’s The One of you. Over time, how you invest your time and love in a person will determine the depth of that relationship. But of course, a happy or sad ending is up to the choices you make with that girl.

In general, anything can happen, depending on your attitude and choices in the game.

Graphics and sound

The image in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town is simple but full of details and ingenious colors. The highlight of the graphics in the game is the spectacular change of scenery between Morning – Evening, according to the season and daytime. At that time, the technology was basic, but the manufacturer did all the basics of a modern simulation game well. So, this is really a great plus for the game.

The game has cute background music, full of simple country soul, and is in harmony with the countryside scene stretching before your eyes. Each different area in the village will have different music. Interspersed with them are memorable country sounds such as dogs barking, roosters crowing, cows crowing, people calling each other, the sound of the wind whistling, of rain falling, the first snow of the season falling… all create a bronze picture of the peaceful countryside that can make anyone’s heart flutter.

Download Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town GBA ROM

Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town is truly a quality game of the GBA genre. You definitely must visit once to find the most peaceful and private corners of your soul. Everything is beautiful, peaceful, poetic, and simple.

Download Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town to heal the soul wounds from this chaotic life!

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