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NameFire Emblem: Awakening
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem is Nintendo’s famous role-playing game series based on medieval European mythology. This game emphasizes tactics, there are both luck, elements of time travel, and emotional interaction between the characters. It is a game that you will want to play over and over again to feel True Love.

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Introduce about Fire Emblem: Awakening

When Struggle and Sparkling Love take the throne!


When playing this game, you will follow the storyline whose story unfolds the battles. And when entering the battle, the map is divided into many enemy units. The characters fight turn-based and rotate. Unlike other Fire Emblem parts, you can only move in certain units, in Fire Emblem: Awakening, the game has an open-world system. You can freely move, search, explore everything around, move to plow rank for the character.

One more thing in this game that a lot of combat RPGs don’t have, is the support system and the character’s evolution with an emotional element. Two characters fighting in two units next to each other will have an emotional connection. So it may be the case that you will have to choose support for them to get together and have children or choose support to get combat stats. When the character has reached enough level, you can choose a special item to help them go to the “evolution” realm. Each profession can progress to many higher professions. As in the case of Cavalier cavalry, it is possible to evolve into a Paladin or a Great Knight.

Talking about weapons, the most common in the game are the three main ones: Sword, Ax, Spear, and some other less important things like Bow, Spell Book, Staff, Arrow Machine. The three weapons I just mentioned will have a mechanism like rock paper scissors. This means Sword can cut Ax, but Ax can cut Spear… After playing for a few hours, starting to get used to it, I found that the operation mechanism of this equipment is very interesting, opening up many opportunities and ways to attack. The challenge is thus multiplied.

Fire Emblem Awakening is also the game with the best Casual game mode, suitable for everyone, even those who are new to role-playing games. If the character you are playing die in the game, it will still be used in the following scenes, not like other Fire Emblem parts.


In the game, you will play as Avatar, a warrior who wakes up and loses all his memories. There are other characters Prince Chrom and Princess Lissa. Chrom wants Avatar to join his army of Shepherd. The group entered a nearby town when they were attacked by bandits. In the most dangerous moment, a strange fairy gate opens, from which emerges a majestic swordsman, claiming to be Marth, the hero of the early Fire Emblem lore and who claims to be able to see see the future.

Things started to unfold. In the past, there was a war between Ylisse (the good side) and Plegia (the evil side). When things were in turmoil, Gangrel, the leader of the traitor faction, tried to get Fire Emblem, and Emmeryn, Chrom and Lissa’s eldest sister, who was keeping this seal by her side, had to sacrifice herself to bury the Firewood under the abyss. With the help of Marth, the Shepherd army defeated Gangrel, Chrom took the throne to rule the country and lived a wonderful life.

But then tragedy struck again. Emperor Walhart of Valm, who had a close relationship with Chrom, now awakens greed and wants to invade Ylisse. This time “Marth” reappears and reveals that she is Chrom’s daughter from the future 10 years ago to warn her Father. In the future of the princess’s time, when Walhart used witchcraft to revive the Grima Dragon to invade Ylisse, the daughter Chrom was also granted magic by the god Naga (dragon ruler) to be able to turn back the future and lead people to a different path without brutal war.

And to do this, Chrom in addition to awakening to Walhart’s betrayal also needs to complete the “Awakening” ritual to summon Naga. This ritual requires the fused Fire Wood and 5 jewels lying around the kingdom.

Return to the present, with the help of the “future princess”, Avatar, Chrom, and Lissa have found 4 magic gems. At that moment, the group was ambushed by Validar, the king of the Kingdom of Validar. Surprisingly, this is Avatar’s biological father. This godly father had to stop using evil magic to control his son, turning Avatar into a henchman who did the shocking work of sneaking Chrom to steal the Firewood. At this time, one more shocking fact was revealed that Validar said that he gave birth to Avatar to revive Grima’s body, but did not have any love or affection.

What’s more encroaching is that during the adventure, the “future princess” and the “human hero” Avatar have developed feelings. To what extent it depends on the “closeness” of these two characters in battles when you play the game. If you marry the princess, no matter what you do, she can’t kill you. And if you choose the original female Avatar and later become Chrom’s wife, the princess can’t kill you, her biological mother.

Thanks to the return to herald the future of the princess, Avatar found a way to neutralize the control of the god’s father and fought a battle to kill him and regain the Firewood.

Besides, if Avatar, whether male or female, does not develop clear feelings for the princess or Chrom, you will witness a different ending. It’s Avatar that’s completely turned into the evil version. In the end, you will have to use death to bind Grima forever and sink into the depths of hell with the Dragon Monster. In short, you can only live if you love Chorm or her father.

Graphics and sound

Character creation in Fire Emblem: Awakening is very beautiful. From the main characters to the supporting roles, all are meticulously drawn to every detail. And I guarantee you will be amazed by the most sophisticated and modern techniques that the creators have brought into this game. The light effect is very subtle, you can clearly see how strong the skills in this game are. The scenes have gentle moving details, accompanied by a series of sound effects, the rhythms of footsteps, palm force, the sound of weapons touching each other make the whole scene extremely attractive.

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There’s never been an old game with a plot like this. Each character has a role to play and a personality. Firewood or god jade is just a supporting role, an excuse for them to go on the adventure, join forces to fight against evil. After playing this game, thinking back through the entire story progression, I can see the humanity and love that surrounds this amazing game.

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