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Fire Emblem is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems on the Game Boy Advance. Download this game via the link below this article.

Introduce about Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem also has an official name, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. The game was released by Nintendo in Japan on April 23, 2003. With its intriguing tactical gameplay, the game attracted a large number of players. That is why the revenue of the game has exceeded the target. But with quite high difficulty, the game takes a long time to reach international markets. Until characters of Fire Emblem were added to Super Smash Bros. Melee. has boosted interest and release in European and American countries.


The events in this section take place on the Elibe continent, around 20 years before the events of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Humans and dragons both coexisted at this time, but humans stood up and banished the dragons in a conflict called “The Scouring”. Throughout the game, players will travel through the countries of Sacae. The story mainly revolves around three characters Lyn, Eliwood and Hector. All three are teaming up to find Eliwood’s missing father, Elbert. At the same time, they must work together to stop a great conspiracy that threatens the peace of the Elibe continent.


Fire Emblem is a turn-based strategy game. The gameplay of this game was the beginning of later titles such as Heroes of Might and Magic. Each side can move within a limited amount of time. When you or your opponent approach each other, you can perform a head-on attack. Both have a certain amount of HP; each attack will consume an attack item and deduct directly from HP depending on the strength of the attacker. Whose HP drops to 0 first, that side will be destroyed. In addition, you can also use the items in the bag to restore HP, increase strength, …

Exchange of items

In a battle where you have to control many characters, the items in each character’s bag are divided separately. You must be wondering that if you use up the item, will the character turn into a “sandbag”? Don’t worry because when your two characters stand side by side, you can make the transaction. Meaning you can transfer items from one character to another.

Upgrade your characters

For your character to become stronger, you can upgrade your character’s strength through leveling up. Each level, the character will receive a number of attribute points such as HP, Strength, Skill, Def, …. You need to participate in battles and destroy enemies to level up your character. That will help you get some EXP, and when you pass the set, your level will increase. This is essential to making you stronger and killing your enemies quickly.

Class of characters

Each character is divided into separate classes and uses different types of weapons. And in it, there are weapons that stronger when fighting with other weapons, for example swords will be stronger when fighting with axes. Since the short sword is smaller and more flexible than the ax, it is easy to understand why it is stronger. It follows an extremely memorable triangle that is the ax is stronger against the spear, the spear is stronger against the sword, the sword is stronger against the ax. Also, the game has a neutral weapon called a bow and arrow and is only more effective against enemies in the air.

A similar system is Magic Trinity, a similar triangle of weapons that elemental magic is stronger than light, light is stronger than darkness and darkness is stronger than elemental magic. The final class of characters is the support character, they can use their skills to restore and strengthen teammates.


Fire Emblem is designed with extremely simple graphics. With the aim of reaching all ages, they have simplified the image as much as possible. However, the thing that players like the most is combat animation. When you attack, the system will simulate animation of the two sides fighting, looking very nice.

Download Fire Emblem GBA ROM for free

Fire Emblem is one of the best strategy games on the Game Boy Advance platform. Join the game to experience exciting adventures and together with 3 young warlords, keep the peace of the Elibe continent.

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