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Want to hear a story of small lives engulfed in a world of ambition? Let’s play Final Fantasy VI Advance with me.

Introduce about Final Fantasy VI Advance

What is ambition when it all turns to dust in the end

The story

The game takes you to the nineteenth century. At this time the southern continents were invaded by the Gestahl empire. The story is about a man rising to change the world. This part of the game is about the war between the Returners, the rebel group against the dictator, and the Empire king, the dictator who rules the whole world. Empire has created a series of Esper experiments on its own with the desire to summon magical demigods in mythology.

Against this cruel expansion of power, the Returners set out in search of opposing magical powers. During the journey, Terra Branford, a former soldier of the Empire, was disgruntled with the ways of both the Empire and the Returners, and she tried to prove to both of them that summoning the magic would only cost them and that’s not the way to a happy ending. And along the way, she had to team up with like-minded characters from the Returners to gain enough information and fight together for justice.

Many people may wonder why a proud empire with the Empire’s leadership is still searching for ancient magic to gain more power, while already ruling the whole world. The point is that people are never satisfied with what they have, even Empire, who is considered the strongest in the game. And it was this bottomless greed, wanting to touch these long-sealed ghost things, that engulfed the kingdom and what he had built up so long ago.

On the opposing side, the members of the Returners each have their reasons for hatred, and even without reason, they still fight for the two words “Justice”. These two extremes, whether you accept them as true or not, the final message of Final Fantasy VI Advance is still “All ambition comes with a price” even if you are in the name of “unification” or “politics”.


No matter what anyone says, I still like games with many characters, each with their own story to play, and never get bored.

Each part of Final Fantasy has its differences. And Final Fantasy VI Advance is probably in the cast of characters.

Some people argue that too many characters will not solve the root of each person’s story. But I think differently. Playing the game, for me, the game experience during every adventure is the most important.

In Final Fantasy VI Advance, we have a total of 14 playable characters. In which the most famous characters are Cyan, Celes, Sabin, Edgar, Terra, Shadow. But you can still choose other characters. They also have other unique skills like the other famous characters.


First, all 14 characters in Final Fantasy VI Advance have completed their dense Job System in a neat, systematic, and exemplary way. The second is that you are provided with a free mode to choose the control character in the free roams scenes, not forcing you to choose only one character. In addition, the Battle system has up to 4 members, so in the same match, we are free to choose different characters. Well, that’s the benefit of playing a game that has no main characters like Final Fantasy VI Advance.

Terra Branford: The chosen one to connect the powers of the human and fairy worlds of legend. Terra has been brainwashed by the Empire, controlled by a device called a slavering. After breaking free from this restraint, Terra joins the Returners. This can be considered the iconic character of this game because she is the source of everything in the game.

We have the thief Locke Cole. The one who carries with him the secret of his skills of hunting, escaping. He is also a member of Returners. Moreover, he has a mission to find something very special that you can only know when playing this game.

We have the former Empire Commander-in-Chief Celes Chere, who has realized the evil scheme of the empire and wants to defect. Later she joined the Returners to become a “treason”. These two girls were both rescued by Locke and are considered the two main female protagonists of the game.

We also have the Figaro brothers, the powerful horseman Cyan Garamonde, the assassin Shadow, the mysterious child Gau, the gambler Setzer Gabbiani, Relm Arrowny & Strago Magus of the wizards’ guild.

The top villain in this game is Empire, below him is the 19th-century joker, Kefka Palazzo. This is the most exciting and controversial character in Final Fantasy VI Advance. His motives are too obvious: ostensibly being a minion of the Empire, but taking advantage of the power given to him by the Empire to act on his own, to hunt them all down, to gather supernatural powers on his side to destroy both the Empire and the Returners. He always thinks he represents God and wants to renew the whole world by wiping out everything that is there and creating it from nothing.

He is the most malicious man in the whole game that you have to be very wary of, not Empire and his henchmen.

Graphics and sound

Final Fantasy VI Advance is a pinnacle of 16-bit graphics. You can see that there is a pretty big gap between what’s shown in the game and the original character visuals. But we need to remember that with so many limitations of GBA machines at that time, the graphics in Final Fantasy VI Advance is really a big mark.

And as to compensate for the limited visuals compared to what lies on the artistic sketches, Final Fantasy VI Advance possesses extremely high-quality sound. At each moment, each background music played contains a character’s mind. For example, the Coin of Fate version is about Edgar, the Searching for Friends version is the heroic song of Celes when determined to stand up among the ashes…

If you search the Final Fantasy VI Advance Soundtrack to listen, you will immerse yourself in the amazing music world that the game has painstakingly built. And if you listen to it again after playing the game, each song also reminds you of the life of the characters you have played. That nostalgic feeling is both comforting and intoxicating.

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Although it may not be comparable to today’s beautiful 3D games, Final Fantasy VI Advance is still an amazing game for me. The characters, each story, the feeling of tragedy and majesty continue to follow each other in each battle mixed with emotional music. To this day, Final Fantasy VI Advance is still an unforgettable mark.

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