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NameFinal Fantasy V Advance
PublisherSquare Enix
ConsoleBoy Advance

Final Fantasy V Advance is a game in the Final Fantasy series. It is a 16-bit game that is picky about players and is both excited and watched by gamers everywhere. In the game, you play as one of four characters who go to find the element of Wind to save the world.

Introduce about Final Fantasy V Advance

Who dares to play with this rare freedom as well as unpredictable character classes?

What is Final Fantasy V Advance about?

In addition to the gameplay like no other (which I will tell you later), Final Fantasy V Advance is also known for its story and narrative style that is also different from what you’ve known about this series.

Continuing the content of the four elemental crystals that power the world including Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth from the Final Fantasy series, the story in this game revolves around the element of Wind. When the Wind Crystal suddenly broke, mysterious meteorites were falling from the sky, the whole world stopped, everything no longer moved, and no longer developed. To find the cause and return everything to its original trajectory, princess Lena Tycoon began her arduous journey. Accompanying her on the way will be the adventurer Bartz, an amnesiac old man named Galuf, and a fierce pirate named Faris. This quartet seemed to have nothing relating to each other. So, in the beginning, there were continuous small contradictions.

But fate brought them together on a mission: save the world. Situations kept happening, people got to know each other better and gradually became four great companions. Together, they found the cause, brought the Wind into the world, and tried to prevent the other elements of the world from falling into the same crumbling state as the Wind.

The journey of the characters in Final Fantasy V Advance is much longer than in other parts. It was stretching through a variety of landscapes of land, sea, and unexpected airspace, from town to town, from dungeon to dungeon. And each stage opened a small corner of the secret. When the whole picture of the secret becomes clear is when they have to fight in a decisive battle with the enemy.

The gameplay is the best part of Final Fantasy V Advance

The completely different gameplay of Final Fantasy V Advance made a strong impression. This game did a good job at this, to the point where it is always compared with modern Final Fantasy games today. In particular, the game allows players to freely switch between different character classes or tasks. This ability has continuously opened up unique combat tactics and a sense of non-stop adventure for the players.

At first, there are just a few small freedoms in the gameplay. One of them is changing strengths and weaknesses in the same character. So, depending on the situation, we have different options and combinations as long as it feels effective for the fastest victory.

Next, you will be given a list of all the to-dos, which is a precedent that never happened in the entire Final Fantasy series. You will no longer feel suffocated when you are stuck at a certain level that you try a lot but cannot pass. Alternatively, you can freely choose the work (level) to your liking to play.

But the main highlight is Infinite Freedom in the game. You can choose to go back and forth between character classes. This is something that has never been done before in games of the same time (and even now there are not many producers doing it well).

Although the game has 4 characters representing the 4 basic classes: Knight, White Mage, Monk, and Thief. But actually, you can also transform into many different types in each character, such as Ninja, Samurai, Time Mage, Chemist, BeastMaster…

In each transformation, you will have different abilities. For example, Ninja is good at attacking with hidden weapons and can also heal or revive teammates, Dragoon can attack quickly with a sharp spear. In the role of a chemist, he is good at supporting while the mage is capable of great damage with black magic spells… By taking advantage and combining these diverse abilities, you will have your own fighting and attack tactics in each mission. 

This is the borderless freedom that Final Fantasy V Advance offers players. And that is the priceless value of this game (also what makes it “hard to swallow”). For example, you can combine Blue Mage’s Learn ability (the ability to copy attacks from an enemy) with the Ninja’s Imagery (the ability to create a virtual image of yourself) to fight a fast monster. Such a combination will reduce the monster’s damage to your character.

In addition, each warrior in the story will become stronger through the rounds by accumulating experience. For example, Necromancers is famous for using undead dark magic and can also heal teammates with death magic but can also learn new spells from enemies like the Blue Mage. Oracle is one of the last classes of a total of 20 incarnations, capable of predicting the future and avoiding all encounters with enemies. You will be both strong and versatile and can comfortably combine different skills to complete the challenge. Do you imagine the result you may get? Yes, it can be a strong, diverse, and unpredictable army, with only 4 characters and countless roles.


Final Fantasy V Advance is a game born in the middle of the 16-bit era on the Game Boy Advance. This is a game with good gameplay, which is considered more prominent than later games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XI … and even many modern games today. Although the graphics are less beautiful, the way to lead everything and the long list of challenging tasks will bring you into the game’s mysterious story in the most exciting way.

Although it is only a 16-bit game, each character and even enemies are shown with their own personality. Each one will appear with many impressive styles.

Almost all the dialogue in the game plays an important role in creating the unique personality of each main character. The script and the dialogue are good. Some may make you think more about life even if they are just the characters’ words.

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Not as epic in terms of plot as its predecessors, nor as beautiful as later Final Fantasy titles, but in the 16-bit era, Final Fantasy V Advance is a game not everyone can play. Why? Because it has an extremely extensive level of character customization, like a world within a world, then nested in another world. In my opinion, this approach is quite risky for Nintendo as the deeper a game is, the pickier about players It is.

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