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NameFinal Fantasy IV Advance
PublisherSquare Enix
ConsoleBoy Advance

Final Fantasy IV Advance is the most acclaimed game in terms of plot and character lines in the Final Fantasy series. In this time, you play as Cecil, the Dark Knight, who will work with his teammates to find a solution to the decline of the Blue Planet.

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Introduce about Final Fantasy IV Advance

Everyone needs to go from the dark to the light to truly pursue justice and justice once in a lifetime!

The poetic story is the first core that creates the value of the game

Everything revolves around Cecil Harvey, a Dark Knight with a sharp Shadow Sword in hand, the captain of Baron’s mighty Red Wings fleet. The king ordered Cecil to steal the Water Crystal from the magical town of Mysidia even though it had to kill all the innocent people there. Not accepting this alienation, Ceil reached out to the supreme leader of the country and spoke his mind. The price for this daring to speak up was that Cecil was stripped of all titles and ranks and forced to bring a ghostly ring to the town of Mist. In there, Cecil realized he had been tricked when helplessly watching a horde of monsters rushing out of the ring to kill the village.

After that, Ceil decided to give it all up and then set out to form an alliance to fight against the Baron kingdom. He discovered that the new leader of the Red Wings was then Golbez and his henchmen had killed the King and disguised themselves as King Baron. But the secret was even more shocking when Cecil learned his identity: the son of the Lunar tribe. And Golbez was his real brother. Golbez himself was not evil but had been completely manipulated by a powerful Lunar named Zemus, who was dreaming of hegemony over the entire universe and wanted to wipe out all life on the Blue Planet. In short, Zemus was the Final Boss of this story.

After defeating the last boss, Cecil accepted to forgive Golbez, returned to Baron to marry Rosa, and become the new King of Baron. The story ends here.

Lively and interesting character lines in the game

In addition to enemies and a plethora of fleeting side characters, it has up to 12 playable characters, each with a unique class that can’t be changed or swapped. 

  • Cecil Harvey, the main character, is a dark knight and captain of the Red Wings, an elite air force unit of the kingdom of Baron.
  • Kain Highwind, commander of the dragon knights, close friend, and great comrade of Cecil, was later mind-controlled by Golbez but in the end, was always Cecil’s side through many ups and downs of the adventure.
  • Rosa Farrell, a white mage and archer, is also Cecil’s lover.
  • Engineer Cid Pollendina, the genius creator of the legendary Red Wings.
  • Rydia, a young summoner from the Mist village.
  • Tellah, a famous sage.
  • Edward Chris von Muir, prince of Damcyan, a bard and husband of Anna who is a daughter of Tellah.
  • Yang Fang Leiden, a monk of Fabul.
  • Palom and Porom, apprentice twin mages from the magical village of Mysidia.
  • Edward “Edge” Geraldine, the ninja prince of the kingdom of Eblan.
  • Fusoya, the chief of the Lunar tribe.

Each character is always shown in a specific context, with a lot of information and accompanying situations. This way of leading allows players to truly immerse themselves in Cecil’s adventures to fully understand what is going on in his life.

Details on how to transform the characters 

Final Fantasy IV Advance is an “Active Time Battle” game with a combination of turn-based strategies. Enemies will attack you continuously without giving you a moment’s rest. Characters appear in turn based on their previously accumulated speed ranking. When fighting, it is also important to note that some moves take a long time to refill. So, it is advised to take full advantage of the fast attack skill and only use the decisive blow in the most urgent moments.

The survival level of the character you are controlling and also the enemy is shown by the HP index. When all five characters in the group run out of HP, the game is over (of course there is still a self-saved version, so just click and play again). Interestingly, you can restore your character’s HP by letting them rest in the inn or using healing spells in the warehouse. Almost all equipment, clothing, armor, weapons are purchased in town with money accumulated through battles, or treasures found in dungeons.

Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Gladiators will have high damage but move slowly, Mage can attack quickly with spells but have little defense. Upgraded skills for characters include White Magic (to increase the ability to self-heal after injury), Black magic (to increase the ability to damage), Summon (to use monsters to attack), Ninjutsu (to offer support attack spells). Each character will have its own type of upgrade and cannot be mixed or used for other characters. Therefore, the reality and logic of Final Fantasy IV Advance are also considered higher than other parts in the series.

Graphics and sounds 

All music and sound effects of Final Fantasy IV Advance are made by talented composer Nobuo Uematsu. Fine-tuning, subtlety, matching to every small piece is what you can say about the sound in the game. Evidently, through many years since this game first appeared, its sound is still something for generations of games to follow.

The graphics are still mainly 2D, but with some pseudo-3D effects such as the prosthetic arms in the game that will make you feel like you’re really flying high off the ground. Diverse viewing angles constantly actively change depending on the situation. Specifically, in the adventure parts, the game will have a top-down perspective, but when it comes to the battle scene, it will be a close-up perspective to fully show the weapons and the fear of the enemy.

If you’ve finished the game, continue the adventure in Final Fantasy V Advance.

Download Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA ROM for free

The main theme of Final Fantasy IV Advance is “From darkness to light”, everything will revolve around the values ​​of family, friendship, and loyalty. The psychological factor in the game is an indelible mark in any player. The game is also a monument to the truth “Force is never complete power”, which is most evident when Cecil overcomes his own temptation and becomes “righteous” with the incarnation to Paladin.

The storyline is extremely deep and humanity while the gameplay is engaging. Moreover, it has interesting character lines. In light of the above, I believe Final Fantasy IV Advance deserves to be a game everyone must play once in a lifetime.

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