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NameEarthworm Jim 2
PublisherShiny Entertainment
ConsoleBoy Advance

Earthworm Jim 2 is a GBA game in the Earthworm Jim series from the publisher Shiny Entertainment based on the animated series of the same name.

Introduce about Earthworm Jim 2

Superhero Earthworm rescues love and saves the galaxy.

Earthworm Jim, a cartoon icon in the past

The animated version itself has great attraction. When the game is inspired by the character Earthworm Jim, it attracted millions of players right upon being released.

But the too great shadow of this first game has made the sequels difficult. However, ignoring all the mixed comments, I tried it out and found that Earthworm Jim 2 would be my most favorite game up to now (maybe it will be different in the future when the new version comes back stronger on the new generation console platforms).

Earthworm Jim begins when an ordinary worm, one day, luckily received a superman costume landed from nowhere. Taking the chance, the small worm has now become an Earthworm Superhero with great talent, boundless power, and begins to chase the evils to protect humanity.

The main weapon of the worm superhero is still the Whip and Manta Shield. Jim has two close companions. One is Peter Puppy, a cute dog but when it is in danger or is threatened, it can turn into a dangerous beast. The second supporting character is Snott, Jim’s regular assistant, always in the “tool backpack” and in emergencies, it can be a rescue parachute or a super-strong hook to help Jim jump on the hardest surface.

In a funny incident, Jim had the opportunity to meet Princess What’s-Her-Name of the planet Insectika, a beautiful beauty with extraordinary strength equal to 20 men combined. Jim had fallen in love with her at first sight, but no princess had ever laid eyes on a worm. To capture her heart, Jim has found all kinds of tricks: writing poetry, giving gifts, appearing as a hero to save beauty… But only the righteous ideal that Jim is pursuing is what knocks her hard heart down.

Finally, when the two were supposed to have a happy ending, suddenly the great villain Psy-cow, whom the whole galaxy is searching and fearing, kidnapped the princess in one dark night. Princess What’s-Her-Name is the successor of Insectika, meaning whoever becomes her husband will be the Emperor of this kingdom. Jim’s highest mission at the end of the journey is to rescue his love. Obviously, with this plot, it is clear that Jim will have one of two endings, one is to successfully save the princess, destroy the evil and be happy with the princess in a fun wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. The second is to fail and watch her in Psy-cow’s arms and the world go to ruin.

The beauty of Earthworm Jim 2 lies in the plot to the setting and more

Earthworm Jim 2 is the next sequel in the series, retelling the next steps after the meeting between the queen of Insectika (the princess’ mother) and Jim. Empress emphasized: “You not only live for yourself, but also all living things in this universe. So now run and save my daughter now!” And after that, Jim began the most important journey of his life from here.

Because this is the main part, including your main task and integrating many interesting up and down details, this is my most favorite part of the Earthworm Jim series.

On his journey, Jim has quite a few “treasures” in his hand. Two friends who are always beside him, Snott and Peter Puppy, the long whip and the Manta shield. But that is not enough to fight the countless evil minions of Psy-Cow. The more you play, fight and get power-up food along the way, the more opportunities you will have to level up your skills and unlock more unique weapons sequentially such as large plasma gun, three-finger gun, explosive barn machine, homing rocket, and bubble gun. At each level, no matter what, don’t forget to collect some items along the way such as increasing strength, increasing life, and increasing accumulated points. Well, note that Jim only has 4 lives for the entire journey, so be really careful!

The operation is simple, but it is not easy to control Jim in the right way

The gameplay is also quite simple. Button B is to jump, button R is to whip, L is to use a Manta shield to protect yourself. The Select button has the function of changing weapons. You will quickly get used to these key buttons, but the navigation for Jim is the big challenge when playing. Because even if Jim turns into a superhero, he is still a boneless earthworm, so he keeps swaying. It’s really not easy to control this worm to jump and slide correctly in the right place.

Fortunately, no matter how hard it is, you will get used to it. If you want to play the game to the end, you have to eat and lie with it like it is a kind of life challenge for you.

Attractive satirical graphics and sounds

In addition to attractive gameplay, many people love this game because of its funny animation effects. Compared to the first part, this part 2 has clearly had a significant positive change in color and almost more perfect pixel graphics technology compared to the games of the same period. From the main character Jim to the two supporting characters, the princess, especially the cast of monsters, all have their own unique characteristics. And what else, you know, everyone looks monstrous but so cool. Sometimes I even want to fall in love with the evil boss near the end, because it’s so cute and cuddly.

Not to mention the scenes in Earthworm Jim 2 which are extremely rich. From the usual scenes like the jungle, the basement, there are even scenes you don’t expect to be found in the game like the Meat Planet, Scar Circus … everywhere full of pet enemies waiting.

What about Earthworm Jim 2’s music? If you play, I’m sure 100% you will be overwhelmed by the vibrant and funny sound. It has exciting rhythms that are sometimes fast, sometimes relaxed, the sound effects of the attack moves are very impressive. The emphasis on the sound mixes very well, the sound is moderate but enough to create a variety of different types of excitement for the player.

Download Earthworm Jim 2 GBA ROM

It is a good game with the deepest plot in the parts of the series. Remember it is super hard to play, this must be told in advance. This game has beautiful colors, high-tech 16-bit graphics, interesting music, weird but cute characters. Is there any reason why we can’t meet Earthworm Superhero in Earthworm Jim 2, guys?

Let’s go on a really long adventure with Jim here.

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