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NameBravely Default
PublisherSquare Enix
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Bravely Default is a classic JRPG role-playing game from the publisher Square Enix on Nintendo 3DS. In the game, you play as one of four characters with the same mission which is to find the lost light of four magic crystals.

Introduce about Bravely Default

A story of warriors who regain balance for the whole world.

A dreamy and dramatic plot in Bravely Default

Bravely Default is a story revolving around four magic crystals representing Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Each crystal is solemnly kept in a separate temple and guarded by four Vestal nuns. The power of these crystals has been immortal since ancient times and the world cannot exist without the eternal light of these four attributes.

At an unknown time, a terrible disaster occurred when the legendary light of these crystals was obscured by the murky blackness of a dark force rising from the depths of the earth. The four temples collapsed, the balance and security of the world were lost. The mission to restore the pure light to the four core crystals of the world had been entrusted to our four protagonists. The entire game thus revolves around the adventures and countless battles of a group of four.

The characters are all legendary warriors

In Bravely Default, you will be able to choose one of four main characters. They are four completely different people, who seem to have no common ground in life, now fate has brought them together and put in their hands one important responsibility: regaining balance for the whole world.

Who are they?

Agnès is the priestess of the Temple of the Wind. She is the only Vestal alive and is responsible for restoring the powers of the crystals.

Tiz is a gentle herdsman. When the ghostly giant black hole appeared, it wiped out the whole village and his family. Tiz is determined to find out the cause of this terrible situation. 

Edea is the princess of the kingdom of Eternia, which completely denies the existence of the crystals and is the kingdom with the most powerful military in the world. Edea was assigned by her father to find Agnès. However, when she realized that things were not as she thought, and the world was falling into the end, Edea teamed up with Agnès to save the balance of the world.

Ringabell is the weirdest of the four. He has lost his memory and has absolutely no idea about who he is. This guy has a handsome look, is a bit talkative, and possesses a magical diary that is capable of recording everything in the present, past, and future by itself.

Is that standard we often see, guys? It is the type we often see in legendary movies, in which the whole group seeming to have nothing related finally end up teaming up and then searching for the truth. This character line has been carefully built, clearly depicted in the personality of each and even the very dramatic origin, which creates a solid base and attraction for the game, right from the first dialogue. 

The first game combines two modes Brave & Default

The game is combined from two main game modes in the menu: Bravely & Default. With Bravely, each character will be able to act continuously up to 4 times in a turn. That means he/ she will do nothing in the next 3 turns. This customization feature allows you to combine multiple spells into one to create tremendous destructive power. For example, at the White Mage level, it is possible to use Esuna to improve health, Raise to revive allies and Curaga to heal/ improve health for the whole party.

As for the Default, you will be reduced by 50% of the damage on the character for a turn and have 1 more BP point (which will be deducted in Bravely mode). If you accumulate enough 3 BP points, you will get Brave 3 times in a row without losing a turn.

Here we have up to 4 people with completely different strengths and attacks. Each person can go through 24 different specializations (which are unlocked gradually). Combining these two feature modes, can you imagine the extremely rich strength of each character?

The later differences in Bravely Default will surprise you even more

You know, traditional RPG games always have two common disadvantages: unexpected random situations, encountering too strong bosses on the way to the destination, and too slow game speed. Bravely Default has solved the above problems in some very ingenious ways, which brings more excitement to players.

The game allows players to adjust the rate of encountering enemies: from 0% – 200%. So, when you need to go fast to find items or discover secrets, you will no longer be blocked by monsters along the way. But when you need to rank up, just adjust the % to be higher, then you will just wait for the monsters to come, fight them and bring back the points.

To overcome the speed drawback, you can also adjust the battle speed from x 0.5 – x 4 times compared to normal. You can fast-forward some easy battles, or slow down to have time to act before the monsters retaliate. But note that when adjusting the battle speed, you will lose 1 SP point.

Bravely Default has one more great feature: allowing you to manually adjust each character’s ultimate attack, depending on the weapon in use. This ability greatly increases the flexibility in the game, giving you more chances of survival, especially in big battles with strong bosses.

Graphics and sound

There is a quite big gap between the original image and what will happen in the game. The image you imagine when you look at the poster is the character with a beautiful angel-like appearance. However, in the game, they have Chibi-style appearances such as small bodies, thick hair, big round eyes. I just wish I could make the character more mature a little bit. 

Anyway, the surrounding context, the quiet and deep color tone of Bravely Default has helped it become more attractive somewhat. In addition, the effects when launching skills in the battle must be said to be excellent. From the light to the color, the transition effect, everything is great.

Music is also a good part of the game. The background music is sometimes low, sometimes eloquent, especially it becomes bustling in battles, which is very suitable for the situation and surroundings. Another highlight in the game is the character’s voice acting. Bravely Default is famous for a lot of dialogue with lots of information, details, and hints scattered somewhere. The characters also constantly interact within the group and with NPC characters on the road. Even more amazingly, the voice is in both Japanese and English. What a great investment of the developer!

Download Bravely Default 3DS & CIA for free

Bravely Default is a beautiful game with a super interesting story and top sound and voice acting. The gameplay is superb. It deserves to be the best extra story that Square Enix has brought to generations of game enthusiasts.

Download Bravely Default right away unless you want to miss a masterpiece of the RPG world!

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