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NameAnimal Crossing New Leaf
ConsoleNintendo 3DS

Animal Crossing New Leaf is a real-life simulation game and it’s the fourth main title in the Animal Crossing series. This game is one of Nintendo’s great successes and great pride.

Introduce about Animal Crossing New Leaf

Become a new mayor and live a dreamy life in a poetic town

There is a very different Animal Crossing New Leaf

In this world, some things are strangely attractive. And you have to admit, the crazier the world is, the more sympathy people find in what was once ordinarily thought of as monotonous? Animal Crossing New Leaf is a game that brings everything boring together and makes it inexplicable charm.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is one of seven parts in the series of Animal Crossing. The New Leaf part was released in 2012 and was one of the first 3D titles available on the new generation Nintendo. Compared to the entire Animal Crossing life simulation series, Animal Crossing New Leaf is considered to have blown a new breath, making the series more diverse and approachable.

If the other parts, you will be a boy, or a strange little girl entering the village and slowly contemplating life around you, then in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you will be a mayor of a small town. There is a lot of power in hand and of course, there will be more to do than just being an ordinary citizen. The game is still in the no-competitive style, there’s no rush as is often in the Animal Crossing series, but the jobs in this new role seem much more epic, grand and real compared to other parts. You need to focus on community things such as keeping the forest green, building bridges, opening shops, building police stations, schools, and clinics.

It is the realism and a bit strange that makes Animal Crossing New Leaf have its charm, especially with the large number of adult fans who are living in the Animal Crossing world day by day and have also been slightly bored with the children’s play all day.

Cute gameplay makes you keep always playing

First, I think the core is thanks to the gameplay: friendly, easy to play, gentle in a way that can’t be softer. You are the only mayor, the rest residents around are in the form of a cute animal but talking, living, and behaving like a human.

In the game, you live a normal life like real life, eating, experiencing, making friends, observing, doing community work, making big and small decisions. But don’t forget to walk around and do some miscellaneous things such as chatting with residents, editing maps, going to school to encourage the children, walking alone in the fields, watching the sunset…

There is no mission at all, just enjoy your life

There’s a lot to do in Animal Crossing New Leaf. But there’s no mission at all. The game doesn’t even have any competitive elements, no time, space, or order of completion. You simply travel everywhere, do what you want, as the new mayor, and experience all the feelings you have in this life. The attraction of the game comes from normal things like walking around the village road, squeezing in the green trees, and listening to the wind rustling in your hair. The romantic world, a bit mature but still has the innocence and purity in Animal Crossing New Leaf will soothe the soul and heal all wounds.

The good thing is that the large and small interactions in the game will lead you to many different progressions. And there’s nothing as mushy or painful as some role-playing games. All are very gentle, adorable. The game also has no end, just keep playing until you don’t want to play anymore. So far, including Animal Crossing New Leaf, there have been 7 parts of this series made, and each world in it is endless. So, you can play comfortably and do whatever you want.

I said earlier that by playing games you will live your own life because the time in the game is real-time. Bringing in some holiday-related events, the important occasion of the year will also be similar to real life. If the time set is the same as in real life, it will be easy to create empathy and emotion.

Animal Crossing New Leaf possesses a super large amount of NPCs

The level of customization and variety on every front of Animal Crossing New Leaf is immeasurable. The fact that the characters are personified is living proof. Importantly, each character has its personality, shape, and stories, which are shown when they are talking with the mayor. They are lively, not just showing up as ornamentals.

With the power of a mayor, you can do lots of things that you can only dream of: make a miniature Stonehenge model on the beach, a Zen bell right next to the bus stop, a fountain in the central town

The game lets you do little by little, day by day change the world you live in, in your way. The interesting feeling of seeing things go in your way is one of the reasons why players like when playing this game, you are an important part of the world.

Lovely characters

The overall graphics of Animal Crossing New Leaf, not just the characters, will take your heart from the first minute of play. Natural movement, vibrant colors full of poetic nature, meticulous details, each animal, each scene has its attractive features.

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You are thinking that only children play colorful games, full of cute wild animals? I can tell you that the customers of the Animal Crossing series in general and Animal Crossing New Leaf, in particular, are mostly adults. The older you are, the more you want to find the sweet little corners of your soul, the more you want to relive your childhood days. And Animal Crossing New Leaf is even closer to adults because of the “mayor” labels with some community responsibilities on their shoulders. By playing games, you not only play but also go back to your childhood memories. Who doesn’t like that?

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