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Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium APK + MOD v1.68.0 (Pembelian gratis)

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Nama Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium
Nama paket com.idleif.abyssrium
Fitur MOD Pembelian gratis
Versi: kapan 1.68.0
Ukuran 64.1 MB
Harga Gratis
APK Asli Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium (64.1 MB)
Penerbit Wemade Connect

Jika Anda ingin mengunduh APK Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium version terbaru, maka Anda harus datang ke apkmody. Di apkmody Anda dapat mengunduh Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Mod APK v1.58.1 secara gratis. Selanjutnya adalah pengantar terperinci tentang Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Mod APK v1.58.1.

Unduh Gratis APK Mod Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium APK Mod adalah version PRO dari Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium APK. Dengan menggunakan APK Mod Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium, Anda dapat dengan mudah menyelesaikan semua tugas dan persyaratan di dalamnya. Seringkali Anda harus menghabiskan banyak waktu atau uang untuk mendapatkan hadiah dengan mudah, tetapi dengan menggunakan Mod APK Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium, Anda sering mencapai tujuan Anda dalam waktu yang sangat singkat. Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Mod APK adalah cara terbaik bagi Anda untuk mengungguli pesaing Anda. Sekarang di apkmody Anda dapat mengunduh Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium APK v1.58.1 secara gratis. Proses ini tidak memerlukan biaya apa pun, dan Anda dapat menggunakannya dengan percaya diri.

Unduh APK Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium dengan Apkmody

Jika Anda tidak ingin mengunduh version mod APK Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium, Anda juga dapat dengan mudah mengunduh APK Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium di Apkmody. apkmody akan memperbarui version APK Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium dalam waktu tercepat. Pengguna dapat dengan mudah memperbarui APK Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium tanpa mengunduh Google Play.

Fitur Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium APK v1.58.1 2023

Stress relief Game You Can Enjoy While Calm & Relaxing ComfortablyAre you tired of your busy life? 'Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium' is an calm & relaxing idle clicker game that will relieve your stress and help calm your mind.Invite cute fish friends who seek calm and cozy in the aquarium. Calm & relax and watch your aquarium grow bigger without trying hard. Fill your peaceful aquarium with a bunch of playful cute fish friends. Take a break from your busy daily lives and relax.Expand your aquarium and meet lots and lots of cute fish. The calm & relaxing idle clicker game 'Abyssrium' is a stress relief game which you are definitely going to love!Aquarium Full of Adorable, Cute FishMeet the unique scenery you've never seen - fish tank in the abyss.You can make friends with charming fish which you only came across on TV, in books, or aquariums. Meet magnificent and adorable whale friends including dolphins and whales in the game.Not to mention there are so many kinds of interesting friends awaiting you in the aquarium such as sharks, tunas, rays, lampreys, and even cats and cute dogs!Recommended for People Looking for Relaxing & Calm GameLeave everything behind for a moment and play the calm & relaxing idle clicker game 'Abyssrium.' Take a deep breath, play this beautiful game, and let your mind be stress-relief.The beautiful and calming music, a variety of sceneries in the deep sea, and adorable fish friends will keep you entertained and stress-relief.Just watching fish friends swim in the aquarium will help you feel relaxed and keep you calm.You will also be satisfied seeing the sea creatures grow throughout the gameplay.Special Features For YouAs 'Abyssrium' is an idle aquarium incremental game, it offers the following features for your relax, pleasure, and calm your soul:Growing Aquarium : Aquarium will expand fast and level up in no time. All you have is to do is tap, idle.New Characters: A wide variety of fish, whales, and animal friends appears every day.Relaxing BGM: Listen to the beautiful melody that will automatically soothe your soul.Unexpected Fortune: Surprise rewards are given including Mystery Chests, Lucky Bubble, Mysterious Eggs, and so on.VR Mode : Put a VR glasses and be a diver. Dive into your aquarium. Easy-to-Grow, Easy-to-Expand AquariumThe abyss with the Lonely Corallite is not the only aquarium you will meet. There are various aquariums with different themes in the game.As you progress in the game, new aquariums will appear which will make you feel calm and relax. There are different kinds of adorable, cute fish in every aquarium that awaits you!"Calm Your Minds with Abyssrium and Seek stress reliefTake a break and play the relaxing idle incremental game 'Abyssrium' where you can have fun with no stress! You do not have to control anything and try too hard! Let the game run by itself and the aquarium will automatically expand. With beautiful sceneries and adorable fish friends swimming in the aquarium will heal your soul and make you feel relaxed.Are you tired of mundane daily life with no excitemYour Opinions are ValuedThe relaxing idle clicker game 'Abyssrium' is always open to your voice. Want to see new cute fish in the aquarium? Got new ideas on decorating fish tank in the abyss?Let us know! Leave your opinions with '#taptapfish' The Lonely Corallite in the abyss is eagerly waiting to hear your opinion and interact with all the players from all over the world."If you have any problems, please contact us to [email protected].

Cara Mengunduh dan Menginstal Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Mod Apk 1.58.1

Untuk mengunduh mod Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium dari Apkmody.io.

Anda perlu mengaktifkan opsi "Sumber Tidak Diketahui".

1. Klik tombol Unduh di bagian atas halaman untuk mengunduh Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium MOD APK.

2. Simpan file di folder unduhan perangkat Anda.

3. Sekarang klik file Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium yang diunduh untuk menginstalnya dan menunggu instalasi selesai.

4. Setelah selesai, buka game dan mulailah bermain segera.

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