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Photo EXIF Editor APK + MOD v2.4.3 (Tidak terkunci)

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Nama Photo EXIF Editor
Nama paket net.xnano.android.photoexifeditor
Fitur MOD Tidak terkunci
Versi: kapan 2.4.3
Ukuran 25.63 MB
Harga Gratis
APK Asli Photo EXIF Editor (25.63 MB)
Penerbit Banana Studio

Jika Anda ingin mengunduh APK Photo EXIF Editor version terbaru, maka Anda harus datang ke Apkmody. Di Apkmody Anda dapat mengunduh Photo EXIF Editor Mod APK v2.4.3 secara gratis. Selanjutnya adalah pengantar terperinci tentang Photo EXIF Editor Mod APK v2.4.3.

Unduh Gratis APK Mod Photo EXIF Editor

Photo EXIF Editor Mod APK adalah version PRO dari Photo EXIF Editor APK. Dengan menggunakan APK Mod Photo EXIF Editor, Anda dapat dengan mudah menggunakan fitur berbayar apa pun di dalamnya. Seringkali Anda perlu mengeluarkan banyak uang untuk menggunakan fungsi Photo EXIF Editor, tetapi dengan menggunakan Mod APK Photo EXIF Editor, Anda sering mencapai tujuan dalam waktu yang sangat singkat. Photo EXIF Editor Mod APK adalah cara terbaik untuk menyelesaikan masalah Anda dengan cepat. Sekarang di Apkmody Anda dapat mengunduh Photo EXIF Editor APK v2.4.3 secara gratis. Proses ini tidak memerlukan biaya apa pun, dan Anda dapat menggunakannya dengan percaya diri.

Unduh APK Photo EXIF Editor dengan Apkmody

Jika Anda tidak ingin mengunduh version mod APK Photo EXIF Editor, maka Anda dapat dengan mudah mengunduh APK Photo EXIF Editor di Apkmody. Apkmody akan memperbarui version APK Photo EXIF Editor dalam waktu tercepat. Pengguna dapat dengan mudah memperbarui APK Photo EXIF Editor tanpa mengunduh Google Play.

Fitur Photo EXIF Editor APK v2.4.3 2023

Photo Exif Editor allows you to view, modify and remove the Exif data of your pictures.You can also change the location of picture to anywhere. In this case, Photo Exif Editor acts as Photo location changer, GPS photo viewer or Photo place editor.Or to remove/strip all Exif tags inside the photos. In this case, Photo Exif Editor acts as Exif remover, or Photo data stripper.With the clear user interface, Photo Exif Editor is an easy to use tool that helps you to correct the missing information of your favorite photos.If you want to support, consider to get the Pro version with no ads and more features.NOTICEAll the features of our app "EXIF Pro - ExifTool for Android" will be merged into this application soon. It will include the abilities to edit pictures (JPG, PNG, RAW...), audio, video, please be patient!Android 4.4 (Kitkat) does not allow non-system application to write file to the external sdcard. Please read more at: https://metactrl.com/docs/sdcard-on-kitkat/To open Camera, long tap on the Gallery buttonWhat is the Exif data of picture?• It contains Camera settings, for example, static information such as the camera model and make, and information that varies with each image such as orientation (rotation), aperture, shutter speed, focal length, metering mode, and ISO speed information.• It also includes the GPS ( Global Positioning System) tag for holding location information where the photo was taken.What can Photo Exif Editor do?• Browse and view Exif information from Android Gallery or from Photo Exif Editor's integrated photo browser.• Add or correct the location where photo was taken using Google Maps.• Batch editing multiple photos.• Remove all photo information to protect your privacy.• Add, modify, remove EXIF tags: - GPS coordinates/GPS location- Camera model - Camera maker- Captured time- Orientation (rotation)- Aperture- Shutter speed- Focal length- ISO speed- White balance.- And much more tags...• HEIF, AVIF Converter- Convert from HEIF, HEIC, AVIF images to JPEG or PNG (Keep exif data)This is merged from our another app "HEIC/HEIF/AVIF 2 JPG Converter"Other applications can share directly the HEIF, AVIF images to this app for converting filesFile types supported- JPEG: Read and Write EXIF- PNG (Extensions to the PNG 1.2 Specification): Read and Write EXIF - Since 2.3.6- HEIF, HEIC, AVIF: Convert to jpeg, png: Since 2.2.22What's next?- Support editing EXIF of WEBP- Support reading EXIF of DNGIf you're facing any problem, want new feature or have feedback to improve this application, don't hesitate to send it to us via the support email: [email protected] explanation:- WiFi Permission: This application requires network connection to load the Map (Google Map).- Location permission: This is an optional permission to allow the Map to identify your current location.- (Android 12+) Manage media: With this permission granted, app will not display the write request on each saving- (Android 9+) Media location (geolocation of media files): Need to read and write geolocation of files.We do not store, collect or share the location/information of your images/data anywhere!For example in the case of application Maps", there is a button on the map, when you taps on it, the map moves to your current location.On Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above, you can choose to deny this location permission.

Cara Mengunduh dan Menginstal Photo EXIF Editor Mod Apk 2.4.3

Untuk mengunduh mod Photo EXIF Editor dari Apkmody.io.

Anda perlu mengaktifkan opsi "Sumber Tidak Diketahui".

1. Klik tombol Unduh di bagian atas halaman untuk mengunduh Photo EXIF Editor MOD APK.

2. Simpan file di folder unduhan perangkat Anda.

3. Sekarang klik file Photo EXIF Editor yang diunduh untuk menginstalnya dan menunggu instalasi selesai.

4. Setelah selesai, Anda dapat membuka aplikasi dan mencobanya segera.

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