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Virtual worlds became better when girls came around – and it happened at the dawn of the video game industry. They were with us for the whole time; the gaming industry simply cannot live without all the beauties that we’ve got to see over the years. And now the technology allows us to take these women wherever we go. Today we will talk about 5 best female characters in games for Android devices.

1. Final Fantasy VII

Aeris Gainsborough is a poor florist from the slums of the megalopolis called Midgar; she grows flowers in the abandoned church and sells them. Periodically, attractive young guys come around (that being, Zak, the main character of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Cloud, the main character of Final Fantasy VII) and get her to fall in love with them, yet it is this love of hers that motivates her to help them to save the world.

Despite her cliché of being in love with the main characters, both Aeris and the game itself are legends of the video game industry.

2. Tomb Raider 1 and Relic Run

The main and most promoted sex symbol of the gaming industry. The ageless Lara Croft has been with us for over two decades. Once, she was just a girl with cartoonish boobs, then dark and stylish, and after being vulnerable and very young, the image of Lara has changed forever. However, she continues to be the central female character of the entire gaming industry. It was a true gift for every gamer out there when these games were released for Android and iOS.

3. Deul

DEUL is a pistol dueling simulator, a game that will test your accuracy, dexterity, and reaction speed. With each opponent, the game will become increasingly difficult. You will earn experience and improve your skills to increase the chances of winning in the future. The main character of the game is a charismatic girl, and while she still remains unnamed, she got herself quite a cult following over the years.

4. Republique

Republique, of course, is inspired primarily by Orwell. In Metamorphosis, a totalitarian state, power controls your every step. Chambers are everywhere, citizens are raised like sheep, and ideologically correct “truth” is showed down their throats. They are punished for the slightest offense, whether it is to read book of a banned author (for example, Animal Farm of the same author is treated as racist propaganda by Metamorphosis’ government) or refuse to obey mocking orders. The penalty is one – recalibration, brainwashing. That is what threatens the main character

named Hope. The girl was caught reading a manifesto written by a man called Zager; he was the one who declared war on the system, for which the rebel was sent to a punishment cell, to wait for his inevitable execution.

5. Layton’s Mystery Journey

Video games are all different. Some entertain players at the level of just shooting at enemies, allowing players to blow off steam after a hard day of work, but there are others. Those who try to make a person better in all aspects: smarter, more attentive, and wiser. The wonderful series of adventure puzzles called Professor Layton is one of the latest of such games. Debuting in 2007, these games today are among the most exciting and clever in their genre.

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If the main character of the previous games was Professor Layton himself, then in the new game, his young daughter Katrielle becomes the protagonist. The professor himself mysteriously disappeared, as we are told in the introduction to the game. That is why his daughter opens a detective agency in London, wanting not only to find her missing father but also to help Scotland Yard detectives in solving the most intricate of cases. Katrielle is assisted in solving the riddles by her loyal assistant Ernest, whom she once justified in the case of the theft where he was brazenly framed, and also the funny talking dog Sherl (short for Sherlock) who turned to her detective agency for help, and then he stayed there to work.

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