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Rules of Survival: How to reduce lag for low-end phone to play smoother

Rules of Survival are widely sought after and downloaded by gamers around the world. Overall, the gameplay and graphics are almost identical to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). However, the 3D graphics of this game is quite good quality, so the require configuration of the phone is quite high, making it difficult for many people to experience when their phone is low configuration.

So, the question is, how do low configuration players still experience the smooth and uncluttered Rules of Survival? In fact, games require mobile devices running from iOS 7 and Android 4 and above. In other words, old devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 5, … or devices running Android 4 – 5 years ago are enough to meet. However, running smoothly or not is another matter!

Here are some ways to set up in-game configurations on your phone, which can help you configure your weak device to minimize jerky and operate smoothly while playing Rules of Survival. Please try it.

First, at the game’s main screen select Settings (the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen).

rules of survival lag

Next, in Basic – Graphics Settings, try slowly adjust the graphics mode from Low – Medium – High and Ultra to suit the configuration of the machine you are using.

rules of survival lag 2

Then, at Orther Settings, you need to turn off the Damage Indicator feature because it will display damage when defeating someone, and in weak configurations, this feature will make the game significantly jerky.

One thing to note for players using Android devices is to turn off multitasking while playing Rules of Survival to have not to exit the game midway.

Interested readers can download Rules of Survival for free here for iOS / Android HERE.

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