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Dream League Soccer 2019: Tutorial for MOD version

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Maybe you know, Dream League Soccer 2019 is one of the most popular football games currently. This game owns an attractive football management gameplay with eye-catching graphics. In one previous post, we brought you a version of Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD APK with unlimited coins and unlocked all players so you can build your strongest team easily. may. But a lot of players still don’t know how to use this MOD version and don’t know how to buy new players. So today we will guide you on how to play Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD version.

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If you have not downloaded Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD, you can download it Here.

Tutorial for Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD version

Choose your squad list

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At the main interface of the game, you select Team Management, here you have many different choices such as team tactics, squad style, … These features are marked by numbers like an image below:

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  • 1 – Tactical scheme: Here you can change the tactical scheme for your team like 4:3:3, 5:3:2, 4:4:2, 5:4:1,…
  • 2 – Competition plans: You can choose your competitive plan like Attacking, Defensive, Moderate.
  • 3 – Sub-player: The players on the sub-list will appear here, you can choose them to play at any time. To change players in the main lineup, you just need to touch and hold the player on the reserve list and then move them to the position you need to change in the team.
  • 4 – Options: Click this item to choose items such as settings, reviews, profiles, …
  • 5 – Role: Select this item to choose the role of players like a captain, freekick player, penalty kick player, …

Buy new players

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Back to the main interface, select Transfers to buy new players. Here, you can select your favorite players or enter the player name in Search bar to find the player name you want to find. And all these purchases are free because you have huge amounts of money, never used up.

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When selecting a player to buy, simply click on the yellow box (showing the price of the player) to own the player.

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Like the example above, we have successfully recruited player Sergio Aguero, who currently plays for Manchester City club and Argentina national team.

Recovering health for players

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Each player has an energy bar that displays health, after competing players ‘fitness decline, you need to restore the players’ health so he can play well in next match. Also in Team Management, you click to select any player, then select the yellow box with Health and the amount of money to use to restore the player.

Join a match

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Perhaps Playing is not difficult to recognize. Right at the main screen, simply click on Next Future, then select the match and finally click Play to enter the match.

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The game offers a Training Mode so that your players can warm up before playing. And this mode will suit new players for the first time because this mode is quite easy and does not affect player health. On the main screen, select My Club then continue to choose Training to enter the training process.

The end

Above we have introduced you to read the most basic instructions for playing Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD version. With the basic instructions above, you can get familiar with Dream League Soccer 2019 quickly, the rest depends on control techniques and ability to build your tactics to be able to win the Champion Cup.

If you have any questions about Dream League Soccer 2019 MOD, please leave a comment below this article, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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