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NameZooCraft: Animal Family
Package Namecom.creativemobile.zc
PublisherCreative Mobile Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

ZooCraft: Animal Family MOD APK is a simulation game from Creative Mobile Games. In the game, you are a talented zoo manager, turning everything from an empty garden into a famous zoo with strange animals and an ideal ecological environment.

Introduce about ZooCraft: Animal Family

Build your ideal zoo.

Zoo, everyone’s childhood memory

Childhood has many interesting and unforgettable memories. And one of the things that every child wants to do, at least one time, is going to the zoo. It’s the same with all children regardless of generation, especially urban kids, where seeing wildlife is almost impossible.

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If you want to relive those beautiful feelings, or simply want to find a family game to play, this is the game that you looking for.

The gameplay is simple, comfortable, and entertaining

Everyone can play this cute simulation game. The operation is simply reading the information, considering requests from visitors, and choosing corresponding construction solutions. In general, everything is just read and tap to select.

ZooCraft: Animal Family has all the animals that any child wants to see in the zoo: from cute animals like birds, swans, peacocks, turkeys to naughty ones like monkeys, dogs wolves, squirrels, foxes, or animals that have gone into legend with their jungle powers: elephants, tigers, eagles, leopards, hippos, rhinos, herbivores, carnivores… Your task is just to collect and buy new animals for your zoo.

At first, this place was almost just an empty garden, with favorable views for the construction of a zoo. You will start to build the base, make the first few stables, buy one or two attractive animals to raise, set up a few small shops such as ice cream, hot dog carts, and add some basic items that must have in a zoo such as trash cans, benches, road signs, ticket counters…

Every time a new visitor comes to the garden, they will open up new needs and from there you will decide whether to follow to get the most out of the zoo’s capabilities. Of course, when the request is served, the customer will send you money and a star of praise. It is the motivation and the funding for you to continue to expand the animal species and services at your zoo.

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Along with the development of the zoo, you also need to do your main job every day: look after and take care of everything from the animals to the surrounding plants and trees. The feeling of watering the plants, pruning the plants, guiding the zookeeper to wash, feed, and take care of the animals… it’s so happy and relaxing.

After a while, more and more tourists come, everyone loves the service style and admires the animals in here, and will send back a series of stars, reputation scores for you. If these two parameters increase, the money you get will increase too. Besides, everytime you complete a task in the game, you will gain experience points for yourself. Until you reach a certain level of experience, the game will allow you to unlock new, more unique things that are normally hard to buy with money, like rare animals and important functional buildings.

ZooCraft: Animal Family is completely different from the other simulation games you ever know

ZooCraft: Animal Family has a huge difference compared to other simulation games you’ve ever played. The game allows you to MIX things to create a more upgraded version. For example, you can put a frog and turquoise together, a new breed of frog will be born, and only your zoo will have it. These unique exotic animals will be the zoo’s “secret competitive weapon”, helping you to attract more visitors and receive a rain of compliments from them.

And this golden rule is not only true for animals but also the infrastructure of the zoo. You can combine many small kiosks to form a new functional house.

Moreover, the game is very realistic. You can see that when you let the animals mate and breed more, bringing the population of the animals to live here. But to do this, you must understand the unique habitat requirements and care techniques of each species. Do this part well, you will see the animals gradually multiplying, and this zoo will be more crowded than ever.

Graphics and music

ZooCraft: Animal Family has interesting and impressive graphics. First of all, because it was designed by Creative Mobile, the game company has experience in delivering eye-catching mobile simulation games. Next is the visual content in the game. Each small animal in the green barn, each bush, blade of grass, tiled walkway, little boy and girl following their parents into the zoo… You will see the details appear extremely clear. Sometimes it is so cute that you have to touch the screen because you want to pet those beautiful animals.

ZooCraft screenshot 1440x810

The color scheme of ZooCraft: Animal Family is also very delicate and fresh, expressing the true nature in an ideal zoo. The movement of the human and animal in the game is very rhythmic and lively. When playing this game, you can feel that it is a miniature mobile zoo model, lifelike, and extremely attractive.

The music is like other simulation games, light, no complicated sound effects, just the sound of scores, stars, money when you complete the task and get rewarded. In addition, all sounds are always maintained at a moderate volume so that you can fully focus on the process of playing.

MOD APK version of ZooCraft: Animal Family

MOD feature

Unlimited Pearls/Money/Resources

How to play ZooCraft: Animal Family

How to change language?

Go to Settings to change the display language.

Download ZooCraft: Animal Family MOD APK for Android

ZooCraft: Animal Family is a beautiful, unique zoo-building simulation game. Playing this game so you can create many rare animals by combining methods. If you like animal games, you’ll love ZooCraft.

Download ZooCraft: Animal Family here!

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