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Zombie Idle Defense APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.9.6

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NameZombie Idle Defense
Package Nametdcgame.zombie.idle.defense
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Can play offline
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Zombie Idle Defense for Android
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As a Zombie-themed game from ONESOFT, Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK is one of the fastest, most compact zombie shooter games today. In this game, you will not need to think too much, just move your fingers quickly to get the most excitement!  Do you guys want to try it?

Introduce about Zombie Idle Defense

Zombie shooter now is not gloomy but very entertaining!

Zombie is a post-apocalyptic world but not bleak

It can be said that in the game world, zombies are a topic that is exploited most, in the most multidimensional and profound way. You can find all kinds of games talking about zombies. They can be superficial, profound, and deeply emotional. They can talk about the philosophy of life, humanity, moral lines, and also the will to survive.

But often the zombie games that combine heavy psychologic and tactics, guerrilla combat like that will cost you a lot of energy when playing. Of course, this is fine if you want to venture into such a dark, dangerous world like that. But you know, not everyone is, at any moment, ready to take on such a huge burden on their shoulders.

For me, sometimes I want to play some games related to zombies, but it must be easy. But don’t suggest Plants and Zombies, it’s too classic. I need a new wind…

Zombie Idle Defense with very simple gameplay

In the game, you will always appear in a defensive position, behind a solid concrete fence and from there, you will aim to shoot the approaching zombies.

But note that your ammo cannot go too far. That is, only when the zombies get a little closer to the fence will the gun work, otherwise, just snipe for fun. But when they come close, with such a large force, how can you kill them all? In an unforeseen situation, there are many types of zombies, some can die immediately just by one shot, some are undamaged even when being hit three or four times.

A few scenes later, there are some giant big bosses, even if you shoot dozens of shots, they will still be okay. But fortunately, there is often a message of luck that appears asking if you want to “Summon Bomb”? (You had to play very enthusiastically in the previous few rounds to get enough points to have a bomb like this). If yes, you should immediately select the bomb icon on the corner of the screen. There will be a fighter plane appearing to drop a large bomb in the middle of the zombies, destroying the whole including the bosses.

Zombie Idle Defense has a good automatic mechanism where you don’t need to do a lot of things like reloading, aiming, pulling the trigger…, it’s all automatic. Well, actually in the first few scenes, you also have to touch your soldier to shoot zombies, but later, when you upgrade enough, they will have an automatic mechanism. From here, you can relax more. All you need to do then is to choose the right time, attack the right target and choose the right weapon.


Although Zombie Idle Defense looks simple and funny, it has many very serious game modes requiring you to consider a lot. There are currently 3 game modes. In which, the passing mode is important and is the main game mode of the game. You will have to pass the stages set by the game and complete the numbered milestones on the map. In each scene, your task is to defend and destroy all the zombies.

The second game mode is Defense which is equally attractive. At this point, you will have to kill all zombies to move forward. The further you go, the more points you’ll get. In this mode, you can upgrade warriors through Tokens.

The boss-killing mode will be for those of you who want to experience thrills right away. Your main task is to kill as many bosses as possible. You will both test your heavy fighting skills and get many rare rewards in this mode.

Bonus points and warriors

After each game scene, the statistical scoreboard will show the corresponding rewards such as golds, coins, and gears. Golds will help you upgrade your character, recruit new soldiers and get more valuable weapons and items during the game. Coins will help you to buy more casual items.

And Gears will be used to upgrade weapons. The weapons in Zombie Idle Defense are diverse with different damage, such as pistols, rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, or bombs from allies like I mentioned above. As for rare items, there must be gas tanks, healing potions, and blockhouses. These items will help you to hinder the movement of the enemy, slow down the zombies, and give you the energy to fight more aggressively.

In addition to defending, you can also recruit different soldiers to the team to strengthen the defensive army (the tip is to alternately place each one so that the enemy has to spend more time to pass), upgrade and change weapons for the soldiers. Note that each time you play, you can only use one soldier. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose soldiers with suitable skills when you see strong zombies or when the number of zombies is too large. The gathering of many types of warriors and skillful arrangement will help you increase the strength of the defence.

You can also upgrade your warriors by collecting warrior cards. When you have 3 identical warrior cards with the same number of stars, you can combine them to form a warrior with a higher number of stars. For example, a combination of 3 two-star warriors will make a 3-star warrior stronger in both skills and weapons. This principle also applies to weapons. Three identical pistols will give a long-range rifle with much more destructive power.

Graphics and sound

With the form of a classic tower defense game, the game will give you pretty smooth background music, which will speed up every time zombies start to multiply or when bosses appear. Prominent in the background of the rather low sound is the exploded weapon effects when the warriors strike. You will also hear the screams of bloodthirsty zombies and a variety of other interesting sounds.

As Zombie Idle Defense is for those who like zombie games but need a sense of light entertainment, the images here, regardless of the context, are always lovely and chubby because of a cartoon style. The game has no killing or bloody horror elements like other dramatic zombie games. The lighting effects and the combination of movements are very rhythmic and beautiful, helping you to enjoy the shooting game without feeling guilty.

MOD APK version of Zombie Idle Defense

MOD features

  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Tokens
  • Unlimited Research Points
  • Unlimited Scraps
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited VipToken


  • Money does not decrease when used.
  • Use Cash to exchange other currencies.
  • Let’s play offline

Download Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK for Android

Zombie Idle Defense is a zombie shooting game that is similar to cute and easy-to-play tower defense. Here, the shooting speed, the main character’s weapon, and the supporting equipment will make you happier than ever. No need to think too much, just shoot and shoot to relieve all the terrible mood.

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