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Zombie Hunter Sniper APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.0.42

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NameZombie Hunter Sniper
Package Namecom.generamobile.zhunter.gp
PublisherViva Games Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

The world is threatened by the Zombie pandemic. Download now Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK to participate in the war of survival with zombies.

Introduce about Zombie Hunter Sniper

Up to now, Zombie has always been a popular topic, although it carries elements of horror and somewhat violent. Whether appearing in movies or games, zombies almost bring death and apocalypse to Earth. From that inspiration, the publisher Genera Games has released the super hot Zombie Hunter Sniper shooting game. Set in the world entering a zombie catastrophe combined with a realistic FPS format, the game is like a rare horror-action movie, giving players the action scenes that is no less dramatic.


The world is going through a terrible catastrophe and threatens the survival of mankind. A strange epidemic causes people to die massively and become scary and dangerous corpses. They frantically search for living creatures, instil fear in the survivors and turn them into zombies if bitten by them. The pandemic spread rapidly, the city was filled with the smell of rotting corpses and crazy zombies searching for the living.

Before that tragedy, as a good gunman, you must use your sniper talent to destroy the zombie army that is invading the world. This is not only a war for survival, but above all, it is a war to save humanity from catastrophe destruction. Earth’s destiny is in your hands!

The best zombie shooting game for Android

Zombie Hunter Sniper is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that possesses dramatic action elements. And as the name implies, your task is to use a sniper gun to destroy all the aggressive and crazy zombies in each level. In the early stages, there will be very few zombies. The main purpose is to familiarize you with the gameplay and the use of sniper guns.

Zombie Hunter Sniper Gameplay

Later, the number of zombies increased. In addition, your mission is not only to defeat the enemy but also protect the survivors who are being chased. At this point, only super-shooting skills can help you overcome difficulties. There are even times when you will be overwhelmed by the overwhelming and aggressive zombie hordes. Thus, in addition to using conventional weapons, Zombie Hunter Sniper developed support tools including time freeze and energy boost. They are very useful but can only be used for a certain period of time, so they should be used properly.

Fully equipped with weapons for the soldier

Any shooting game has a diverse weapon system. The same goes for Zombie Hunter Sniper. In addition to sniper rifles such as Barrett, AWM, M200, … the game also offers a huge arsenal. You can choose from guns such as rifles, machine guns, pistols and even cannons Bazooka. Completing missions in each level gives you money to buy guns in the store.

Zombie Hunter Sniper Screenshot

In addition, Zombie Hunter Sniper also allows players to upgrade weapons. You can equip a silencer, a dedicated sight or handle to maximize the effect of the weapon you like. The rest of the story depends only on your sniper skills.

Many modes to play

In addition to a system of diverse levels of play and extremely challenging missions, Zombie Hunter Sniper also has an offline game mode. This mode supports dozens of interesting missions and takes players through a multitude of locations in rich maps such as the Arctic, deserts or abandoned areas, … Each area brings the tough and dramatic battles. You can play anytime, anywhere, because the game does not require an Internet connection.


In terms of graphics, compared to other popular shooters, perhaps the quality of the Zombie Hunter Sniper is nothing too outstanding. Although still designed on a 3D graphics background, the scene details do not seem too meticulous.

Zombie Hunter Sniper Graphics

However, the zombies are extremely realistic design. You will see clown zombies, doctors … all bring horror to people. In addition, the cries of the zombies make situations more dramatic and realistic. Overall, the slightly simplified graphics will help reduce configuration requirements as well as battery consumption, which makes the experience smooth and complete.

MOD APK version of Zombie Hunter Sniper

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You get a lot of money when use some money.

Download Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK for Android

In general, if you like shooting games or just love the topic of zombies, Zombie Hunter Sniper is an FPS game that deserves a place in your Android phone.

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