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NameZombie Hunter D-Day
Package Namecom.cle.dday
PublisherClegames Inc.
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, One Hit
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK is an offline shooter from Clegames Inc. The game genre is not new, but the gameplay and graphics of this game are very attractive.

Introduce about Zombie Hunter D-Day

Defeat zombies with powerful weapons to survive in the kingdom of the Zombie world!


Like many other zombie games, Zombie Hunter D-Day is the story of a suicide army whose mission is to kill zombies to save the world. You are one of those brave warriors.

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The way to kill your zombies is of course not easy. Zombies always gather in dark corners, ruined houses, or collapsing structures. In the dim darkness, you will have to take advantage of the view everywhere, just have to quickly shoot and shoot zombies. Now let talk about the gameplay to know more about the unique things of this game.


Different from many other zombie shooting games. Zombie Hunter D-Day doesn’t give you much of a chance to survive and then do things like walking around looking for this and that. The task is presented in front of you, you only have to shoot, or get choked by zombies, you just can choose those two things. The difficulty of Zombie Hunter D-Day must be said to be a lot.

Let me tell you why it’s so hard.

You are thrown into a room that is usually dark, gloomy, lights are very economical and full of ghosts.

You only have a single gun in your hand (although there are more than a dozen types of guns to alternately use).

You can’t move, just have to standstill.

You have to aim accurately before the zombies rush to bite you.

The zombies appear more and more in turn through the levels. At some point, you will have the opportunity to see a room full of rotten zombies.

Zombie Hunter D Day MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Rarely is a first-person zombie shooter game that makes it as difficult for players as Zombie Hunter D-Day. Perhaps the most pressing thing is that you can’t move and just can standstill to fire. Agreeing with a design like this helps reduce the size of the game a lot because it doesn’t have many scenes and an open world. Well, thanks to that, Zombie Hunter D-Day has its own mark, playing once is remembered forever. You know, the more difficult the game is, the more players want to rule it. Surely this is one of the deep intentions as well as the success factor for the game.

How can players play when it’s so difficult?

When we can’t do anything else to change the idea of the producer, we have to accept it. Especially with an offline zombie shooting game so attractive, it is hard to ignore.

The secret to playing this game lies not only in skillful gun panning skills and the ability to detect enemies quickly but also in a cool head. There are quite creepy jumpscares. The zombies are more and more crowded, appearing from all sides. Some of them can jump like kangaroos, just choosing a few moments to suddenly appear and make players goosebumps. These times, if you do not calm, you will waste your bullets. Just stay calm, observe for only 1 second, determine which one is the “most at risk”, or the closest one, capable of killing you the fastest, then shoot it first, then it’s the other’s turn. The zombies will play all kinds of tricks and have all sorts of postures, squirming around, rolling around, and crawling all over, so prepare yourself mentally.

Although difficult, Zombie Hunter D-Day is very attractive

One of the consolations when playing Zombie Hunter D-Day is the extremely diverse weapon system. Of course, our soldier can only use one gun at a time. However, depending on the situation, you can freely change the type of gun when needed. The game provides more than 40 different types of guns for players. Each type has its own characteristics and uses.

My advice is because the advantage for the players is just at this point, so you should take the time to learn carefully the features and advantages of each gun until you master it. So that when entering the battle, a zombie will appear suddenly, you will automatically draw the kind of gun for each zombie type. However, with each situation and each type of zombie, if you choose the right weapon, you will still struggle to win.

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For example, with a few that are close and fast, you can use some high-speed guns, firing multiple bullets at the same time such as Thomson, machine gun, shotgun, m249. And if they are still far away but the size is quite huge, they can use large-bullet sniper rifles such as Awm, sniper, 3D … In general, just improvise, but remember to understand each type of gun.

Especially the headshots are to be sure to kill a zombie without having to worry about it being alive and threatening you. So it’s best to kill them with a headshot.

Guns in Zombie Hunter D-Day are also upgradeable, but generally very expensive. I think you can just leave it as is, the important thing is to choose the right type and then react quickly.

MOD APK version of Zombie Hunter D-Day

MOD feature

  • God Mode
  • One Hit

Download Zombie Hunter D-Day APK & MOD for Android

Zombie Hunter D-Day is a free-to-play offline mobile shooter with great graphics, amazing sound, a special shooting mechanism, both difficult and inhibiting but addictive, and a much variable weapon system, promising to bring fierce battles.

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