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NameZen Match
Package Namecom.exoticmatch.game
PublisherGood Job Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Zen Match MOD APK is a special match 3 game. Not because of the gameplay but because of the feeling it gives when playing and also after the mobile screen is turned off.

Introduce about Zen Match

Inspire your daily life through a world of zen.

Relax and play games, how about combining two in one?

There are many ways to clear your mind. Some people read books, some people listen to music, some people meditate, and for me, I play games. Have you ever wondered if there’s an app that combines gaming and meditation? If you have ever asked such questions, Zen Match is your answer.

Everyone needs a quiet space during the day to focus and calm down, arouse emotions, relieve anxiety, and regain energy to look forward to a new day. Then you will immediately think of sitting meditation. At that time, the meditations will be a distraction from the negative energy that is always flowing in you, forcing you to focus and feel the lightness of the music to get positive energy. However, if you find sitting in one place to meditate too boring, try Zen Match, this app will help you meditate and play games at the same time.

Zen Match is a match-3 game with classic gameplay: combine the same symbols and colors in rows and columns to make them disappear and pull more and more domino effects with rows and columns. Victory is when you make disappear as many colors, blocks to a certain level according to the rules of each level.

Match-3 in Zen Match has a completely different nuance

First, Zen Match’s background design, color, and match-3 space are made in a relaxing meditative style. The clear blue sky, the gentle golden autumn foliage, the murmuring streams on the mountainside, the immense rice fields stretching out… In that background, you will hear the soft melodious music, the gentle sound of pepper, the murmuring water, the soothing wind. How much fatigue followed that will disappear at any time.

Color blocks in each scene, depending on the style of the background image, also change accordingly. For example, in the background of an autumn scene, the blocks that need to be matched together will have a yellow leaf shape, a cute round pumpkin shape. When it comes to the spring scene, the blocks will be colorful flowers. Your task is to match blocks with the same image. The feeling when looking at the cute, small, and charming images will once again let you fall into a relaxing space of gentle emotions.

But your mind is not asleep. Because combining the meditation space with the match-3 game is both light and challenging. So your mind will be both focused, relaxed, and moderately challenged. It moves, but at a leisurely pace, as if you were relaxing when walking slowly on the beach. This type of exercise is very good for your brain health and is also good for your tired body after a day of work.

Match-3 is just the beginning of the game. As you progress through the game and progress through levels of increasing challenge, you’ll gradually collect a variety of room collections, picture frames, tiles, wood colors, windows, doors, wall backdrops… All will become the main ingredients for you to continue through an equally fascinating challenge: redesigning the room in the style of meditation.

This part of interior design will be the time when all your senses are awakened, in the direction of aesthetics and focusing a lot of positive energy. Release your soul to the joyful color changes when manually replacing the color borders, the small doorways in the beautiful small room, and then finally put on a new, minimalist, ethereal, and poem shirt. You will also find your soul refreshed again. The flow of emotions gently spreads warmth in the heart and mind.

Not only match-3 and smooth color background

Zen Match brings you hundreds of special puzzles every day like the challenge of growing indoor plants or finding connections with beautiful natural settings… These daily minigames will once again drag you to different little nooks and crannies, a little bit each day, discovering more endless creative possibilities.

MOD APK version of Zen Match

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Zen Match APK & MOD for Android

If you’re looking for a light, inspirational game in a special, completely new way, Zen Match is the best choice for you. And if you want to nurture that feeling for a long time and experience relaxation after all the worries, let download the game and play gently for 15-20 minutes every day, you will feel very gentle and relaxing and have positive energy all day.

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    Happy NewYear!
    This Mod game would be more enjoyable without the advertisement after completing a level.

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