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Zen Idle APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.7.24

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NameZen Idle
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If you’re fed up with intense shooter games and want to find a slow game to relax, Zen Idle MOD APK is exactly what you’re looking for. Download this exciting game to have relaxing moments every day.

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Introduce about Zen Idle

Zen Idle is a unique style entertainment game developed by Kongregate in November 2019. The game revolves around balls, a character that is no longer familiar with the light and casual entertainment games found in the Voodoo products like Balls Rotate, Ball Blast or Ball Shoot. However, Zen Idle will not be like any game you’ve ever played because of its slightly “pointless” gameplay.


When starting, the developer will immediately clarify the game idea to you: “What is a game without points?”. Zen Idle has a high and wide playing space, in which, 5 ball drop machines are placed on top with the task of slowly dropping the ball. Below are the round stones that block the falling balls into space between them. There is also a horizontal bar that moves continuously to the sides to deflect the balls. Your job is to wait every time the ball falls, touching them explode them, then you will earn points.

So what if you miss the ball and it falling down? Don’t worry, Zen Idle space is very deep and wide. If you can not touch the ball on the way down, drag the screen down, they can be trapped in a deep down there. The below is a row of sharp spikes, the ball will explode if it touches them. So you will lose points if you let the ball fall there? The answer is no. Not only not losing points, but you can also earn points many times if you miss them. In addition, the game does not have any time pressure for you, just gently slowly right for the purpose of the game. Now, you understand how meaningless Zen Idle is?


To make the game not too pointless and boring, Zen Idle also sets some goals for players in the long run. With the points gained from the balls, you can use them to upgrade as well as unlock some interesting new features. In the beginning, the ball will only fall from the orange box while there are 4 colors corresponding to 4 different drop points. The more expensive the unlocked balls, the bigger the amount received from them. You can also upgrade the amount received as well as reduce the time the ball is born. And yet, you can also unlock new levels, meaning adding more limits to space for the ball. The ball falls in a barbed line but does not explode immediately but will continue down to the new space, touch the carpet of thorns there, explode and you will earn more points.

Zen Idle is a game for those who are steadfast. There are still many new features that you can explore. Stay patient, each upgrade is expensive but over time, it will be profitable investments.

You need some strategy

Undeniably, at first glance, you may think Zen Idle is very meaningless. That is actually somewhat true, however, if played long, you will realize this is a game that requires strategy. By letting the ball fall on the sharp spikes that will increase the score value many times, along with the upgrades that cost quite a lot of money, dedicated players will have to consider carefully the investment that brings the biggest revenue. Zen Idle is like an investment platform, in which the balls are the factor that brings the victory. You must decide the path of the ball to fall to the bottom as much as possible, solving the stuck with a simple operation but must be effective.

Zen Idle will often distract you with some nonsensical statements like: “Don’t be afraid to just sit and watch” or “What is a game without point?” (implying that the game is nothing important, feel free to play). But once caught up in the game, you will constantly have calculations in mind and it is inevitable to be dominated by it. What an interesting game!

MOD APK version of Zen Idle

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Note, you can buy diamonds with real money for free.

Download Zen Idle MOD APK for Android

The game is not too picky that can be suitable for any age. Simple images, gentle melodious sounds are elements that help you relax. It can be said that Zen Idle brings a strange feeling as well as different gameplay style to other games. Besides, this game doesn’t have much advertising videos, so it is very suitable for the entertainment and relaxing moments of the player.

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