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2017 is the year of royale battle survival games on both PC and mobile devices. Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are two popular games with a huge number of players worldwide. Those are two best royale battle games I’ve ever played. Besides the appearance of a series of low-quality royale battle games with a full kind of graphics and a slight change in gameplay. Of course, with such a potential market, many gaming companies are launching royale battle games is easy to understand.

As you know, Xiaomi is a famous company of Android mobile phones and many electronic products of China. This year, they officially participated in the royale battle game market when their development team released Xiaomi Survival Game – a survival game similar to PUBG Mobile. It’s hard to predict whether this game will be able to compete with big guys like PUBG or Fortnite, but for a big company like Xiaomi, we have the right to hope for an exciting battle royale game with many new features.

Graphics develop towards science fiction

Xiaomi Survival Game graphics

Thanks to Xiaomi’s serious investment, the game has sharp 3D graphics and high image quality. If PUBG Mobile focuses on developing realistic graphics, on the contrary, the graphics of Xiaomi Survival Game are developed in the direction of science fiction, the context that we rarely see in a survival game. The game gives me a new feeling and something very familiar. The way to design characters, weapons, and environments in the game is like simulating the future world in fantasy, where science and technology have grown tremendously. The characters in the game have the same style as astronauts. However, the game’s graphics are still quite sketchy and simple because Xiaomi focuses on optimizing the game. There are still many missing details but in return, the game runs smoothly on most Android devices.

Gameplay like PUBG Mobile

Xiaomi Survival Game gameplay

This is undeniable. At the beginning of the game, you and other 99 players are taken to an island by a spaceship (instead of PUBG’s aircraft or Fortnite’s bus). After that, you are allowed to choose the location to jump down on the island and start the fight with all the remaining players, the last survivor is the winner. To win this game, the most important factor is still skills and reasonable tactics. Also, you need a little more luck. Why? When you start jumping into the island, if you are lucky you will pick up powerful weapons and high-class equipment soon. There are cases where you only have one pistol and face a player who owns AKM, helmet level 3 and armor level 2. You have already guessed the result, right?

Like other royale battle games, the safe zone will always be shrinking. This forces the players to constantly move into a safe area if they want to survive, in case the player just wants to “hide” in a position during the entire time of the match. Using vehicles is an effective way to move quickly, but it may reveal your position because its sound will appeal to other players. What is special is that Xiaomi Survival Game has an extra function to fly, it allows players to “set” a flight and fly to the designated location with a device called jetpacks. This can make matches more dramatic and unpredictable than the original version.

New style weapon system

Xiaomi Survival Game features

The biggest difference of Xiaomi Survival Game with the original game is that it uses the context, characters, weapons style equipment in science fiction style. The clothes and weapons are like in fictional movies like Star Wars. If you are familiar with normal military weapons in the original version, you may experience some difficulty using new weapons.

Unlock new characters

Xiaomi Survival Game screenshot

Similar to Fortnite Mobile, you can use the money earned from the game to unlock other characters (which called hero). Currently, the game has only 4 characters. Hopefully the publisher will update more interesting characters in the future.

Sum up

Currently, the game has not been officially released. According to Xiaomi’s announcement, Xiaomi Survival Game only released the Closed Beta version for India. Therefore, we need to wait another time until the commercial version is officially released.

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