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Xeno Gate is a highly addictive Japanese action RPG. The publisher SqringGame has given players a really great game. The game is currently supporting the Android and iOS and allows players to download the game for free. Speaking of Japan publisher, we can think of games that have beautiful female characters such as the dream, the handsome male, elegant that every girl is expected to have. A series of challenges await you in Xeno Gate world. Are you ready to face all? Let’s share with the most interesting information about this great game.

Fairy world

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Xeno Gate is set in the Japanese anime world. The game will take you to explore the colorful fairy world, where the gods and humans live in harmony together. However, one day, the evil queen Andariels and her army crossed the door of time and space with the big dream. You are a knight who has more power than everyone, join the other heroes through the gate of space and time to stop her. Along the way, many dangerous traps are ready to kill you anytime. Pick up your weapons and find out what challenges await you ahead.

An impressive characters system

This game has an immersive action role-playing gameplay. Your task is to create an army of characters that the game provides for you. The characters will be divided into five power systems represented by 5 colors Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red. Particularly Red in Xeno Gate represents the extreme, extremely rare characters that you are not easy to own these characters. You can not recruit as you normally would but expect the luck of opening summon cards or collecting pieces of material. Each character possesses completely different powers such as attack, defense, shaman, spirit, dodge and regal. Each character plays different roles in battle. This will help you create teams that have the power to destroy all those who dare to stand in your way.

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Unique skills

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Besides, the skills system in the game is unique, novel that no game like that. The number of skills your character uses is limited, but the amount of moves that you can own is a lot, so you can completely remove the skills you do not like to make room for. Other moves. Upgrade your skills every time you level up. Accumulate three stars; your character will be promoted. For gamers to play, they can buy rare items to help the character in a more special way.

Attractive gameplay mode

Xeno Gate has some interesting gameplay modes, such as battle-based missions, team battles, PvP, and heroic heroes. Experience the landslide battle in the fantasy world. In particular, during the battle, the game will summon you to any fairy to increase the surprise in battle. Sometimes, this summoner reverses the situation when his team is about to lose. Combined to destroy the most powerful Boss, bring the elite as well as rare materials. According to my review gameplay, Xeno Gate is relatively unique and strange. However, you are not allowed to control the character to let the character automatically toss the skill. This reduces the attractiveness pretty much.

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Beautiful graphics

If Onmyoji – another similar RPG selected 3D graphics, Xeno Gate brings simple but beautiful 2D graphics. Create a beautiful character, especially sexy if the female character. The effects of the characters are extremely elaborate, will make you want to fight forever. Also, the characters are also voiced very cute, gentle will certainly make you fascinated.


This game is quite fun, I think so. You will probably have to admit that its unique gameplay. Although only supporting two languages is Chinese and English, but this game has a great influence in many different countries around the world. Are you ready to join Xeno Gate by downloading Xeno Gate APK on your PC?

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