WWE Universe: It’s YOUR Universe! MOD APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited Drafts)

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WWE Universe APK (MOD Unlimited Drafts) is a 3D online fighting game from the publisher Glu. In the game, you will choose wrestlers from your collection and participate in top-notch wrestling matches to conquer glory.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a company operating in the field of entertainment, sports mainly on wrestling. WWE is a favorite TV show in the US and many other countries. The participating gladiators must show their wrestling skills and win the championship belt every year. It brings together the world’s top martial artists such as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, … With the two main shows are RAW and SmackDown attracting a huge audience in the world and bringing a huge turnover of nearly 1 billion USD per year.

Overview information

NameWWE Universe: It’s YOUR Universe!
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Drafts
RequiresAndroid 4.2

Build a squad of superstars in WWE

Participate in WWE Universe you can own and play wrestling superstars of all generations. The game brings together all the superstars from programs like RAW, SmackDown and even NXT (wrestling programs are being developed). To own the famous wrestlers, you simply earn gold, make contracts, hire them and add them to the squad. With such a large amount of objects received, it will surely make you feel excited and want to embark on a collection of famous wrestlers. However, the characters’ stats are not exactly the same as the real ones and are reasonably balanced so you can train them as a true coach.

This is an online game so you will have to fight with other players instead of fighting with AI. True to a world wrestling tournament, you must defeat other players, earn points for yourself to climb the rankings and become world champion wrestler. This will create competition between players making them motivated to play long term.

The Tapping gameplay of this game is different from other wrestling games like WWE Mayhem. The mechanism is similar to some Pokemon games, the system will give you some skills and you have to choose one of them to defeat the enemy. WWE Universe is similarly similar, in addition to choosing the suggestions given by the system, you must timing and defeat the enemy absolutely. Not only that, but you also have to use tactics to punch out opponents.

Team up with friends

This is an online game, so you can team up or challenge your friends. You can join or create a club yourself and invite other players to join in to participate in events to win prizes. Winning a big event you will get a lot of gold to recruit wrestler as well as train them to become healthier than ever. And the event will be open weekly, so quickly find a club to join and win.

In addition, you can also link to facebook for a list of friends who have joined WWE Universe. And you can fight them and prove your team is the best.


WWE Universe owns a very beautiful 3D graphics. The characters are designed similar to real people, not only that the scenes using wrestling skills are also made very skillfully with the desire to give players the best experience. Accompanied by the sound and voice of the character is also very well designed. While playing, you can also hear the words of the characters recorded on television.


Why I cannot install the MOD?

You need ROOTED Device with the latest Lucky Patcher installed to install this unsigned APK. If you do not know what this means, search on google on how to install UNSIGNED APK on a rooted device with Lucky Patcher.


This game has some violent scenes because it’s not for kids. Some items in the game may have to use cash to buy so you need to pay attention and consider carefully before buying.

WWE Universe is adapted from WWE and this game makes me feel very excited. However, the gameplay of this game does not meet like other fighting games but you should also experience it once. If you are a fan of WWE TV show, don’t miss this game.

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