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NameWrecking Squad
Latest Version1.0.6
MOD Features No
PlatformsAndroid 5.0, iOS 8.0
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Tetris classic games have long since not appeared in the mobile gaming market. However, the number of players playing the old Tetris games is not rare. Today, we introduce you a product of the publisher Big Blue Bubble. The game is called Wrecking Squad. However, this game is completely the opposite of Tetris. Your task is not to sort the blocks anymore but to find how to destroy as many blocks as possible. You can see, the game is quite interesting. I have been playing for a few hours before reviewing you. No more babble, I’m on the main issue now.

Unique gameplay

Wrecking Squad gameplay 2

The sabotage has never been recognized. Moreover, the vandals are hated by everyone. However, Wrecking Squad has brought a completely opposite world. In this game, you have to calculate how to destroy the buildings as hard as possible. Like the addictive games of the Voodoo or Ketchapp publisher, the title does not have a complicated storyline, just focus on gameplay.

What’s the excitement in this game?

Wrecking Squad characters

In the game, you are allowed to use materials such as bricks, large stones, concrete blocks, etc. to destroy the abandoned buildings. These buildings are modelled in blocks of brick. You have to angle, orientation, calculate the force just enough, calculate wind direction to destroy the building as optimal as possible. The fewer turns you earn, the more points you earn from the game. You are not even allowed to shoot comfortable because Wrecking Squad limits the number of turn in each level. If you exceed the number of times, you will lose.

Wrecking Squad applies a scoring system based on the number of buildings you destroy. It is not necessary to break all the pieces, just to break the required amount of game that you are able to go to the next level.

I played quite a lot of time in this game. In the first stage, buildings are often uncertain. Shoot in the under of buildings, and that all will collapse immediately. However, the level is more difficult, you need to lose more grey matter to overcome. Buildings are also made from a variety of materials, increasingly challenging players. If you lose, it is okay. Play again, play one more time until you win.

250 levels, 250 challenges

Wrecking Squad gameplay

250 levels for you conquer all challenger from this game. Maybe, you have to spend about two months to do it. Each time you complete a game, you will be given some money to upgrade weapons more powerful, more useful in each destruction. Unlock more adorable characters, upgrade their power. Do not forget to use a lot of energy to use special skills to help you overcome certain difficulties. You can show your scores to people through the social networks associated with the game.


Wrecking Squad graphics

The Wrecking Squad is based on the physical system that makes the operation as well as the effects very real, smooth. The game has 3D graphics, although the shape of things is quite simple but also very beautiful, interesting. In general, the graphics of the game are not too picky but can be considered okay. Sound effects are also quite humorous.


Currently, the game has support for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing players to download completely free. Although not prominent in the mobile market, but I think Wrecking Squad is worth playing. If you are simply looking for a game for fun, this is the perfect game. I hope that with your support, the game will be more successful in the future.

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  • Wrecking Squad for Android APK - v1.0.6

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