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Oleksandr Godoba
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PublisherOleksandr Godoba
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Version4.0.7 (build 40007001)
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wormate.io APK is an online snake game for Android. Download this game to join into an exciting worm game and competes with players around the globe.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about wormate.io
    1. Gameplay
    2. Don’t forget the power-ups
    3. Unlock skins for worms
    4. Compete with other players
    5. Arena and 2 Team
    6. Graphics
  2. Download wormate.io APK for Android

Introduce about wormate.io


This game is released by Oleksandr Godoba. Basically, the gameplay is similar to slither.io, the # 1 trending worm game on Google Play. The gameplay has nothing complicated. Your task is to help your worm grow as big as possible. A little different from traditional snake games is that you can not die when you headbutt yourself. Your playground is very large. Even up to 300 worms in an arena. You only die when you headbutt into another worm’s body. Remember, you only have two options, to eat or to be eaten. Do you want to evolve into an anaconda, or become a dinner of your fellow?

wormate.io gameplay 1024x490

Worms in wormate.io are voracious worms. They love cakes, candies, cookies and many other sweets. You control the direction of the worm’s movement with your left finger, accelerating with your right finger. Help him to eat lots of cakes everywhere to help him grow bigger and bigger. But, digger doesn’t mean you’re stronger. The survival rate depends on your ingenuity. If you’re bigger than the opponent, you may have a slight advantage, but that doesn’t mean anything. Just a little clumsy, you can headbutt into another worm body and become a hearty dinner.

A common tactic when playing wormate.io, you will curl around opponents smaller than you, then slowly narrow the radius. The worms in this game are very active. They always move forward instead of sitting still. So your opponent has no choice but to suffer a slow and helpless death. Your reward depends on the size of the worm you have defeated. This is probably the sweetest reward for you because your opponent will turn into sweet candy.

Don’t forget the power-ups

In the beginning, you’re just a tiny worm. You can feel overwhelmed by the size of a giant worm. It can be as big as a third of your screen. Do not be afraid. Start by eating lots of cakes, cookies and candies. To accelerate the maturity of worms, some power-ups may help your journey. You can have power-ups by eating the Magic Potions.

  • Blue potion helps your worms go faster.
  • Blue-red pharmaceuticals help you attract sweet candy within a distance.
  • Orange liquid helps your worms grow faster.
wormate.io screenshot 2 1024x488

Unlock skins for worms

wormate.io brings you a wide range of colorful skins and colors for your worm. If you play as Guest, your skin is random. But if you sign in with Facebook or Google, you earn coins to customize your worm’s skin. Do you want a worm with Christmas-patterned or spooky drawings of Halloween?

wormate.io screenshot 1024x488

Besides, you can customize the face and emotion of the worm by customizing the glasses, hats, eyes and mouth of the worm. It may sound ridiculous, but cute little worms can help you play better with more fun.

Compete with other players

wormate.io is an online game, so you can play against hundreds of other players in an arena. Compete with other players around the globe to find out who has the biggest worm.

Arena and 2 Team

Currently, wormate.io has two main modes: Arena and 2 Team. In Arena mode, you need to eat a lot, beating other players to become the biggest worm on the leaderboard.

With 2 Team mode, your task is similar. But one thing, all players will be divided into two teams. You do not die when colliding with your teammates. In the end, the team with more points wins. Invite your friends and join to this exciting game.


wormate.io has simple 2D graphics but is also impressive. The worms have cute and funny emotions. They have many colors with funny skins.

wormate.io graphics 1024x490

The small map in the left corner of your screen gives you some information, it helps you recognize some other players near your location.

Download wormate.io APK for Android

After playing this game, I no longer think of worms as a scary animal. They are also quite cute, like to eat sweet candy and like to live peacefully. If you want to find a game to kill your free time, I recommend wormate.io.

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