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NameWorld Robot Boxing 2
PublisherReliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK is an arcade action game from Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited, can be considered a copy of Real Steel World Robot Boxing. In the game, you play as a robot that engages in fiery boxing battles with the goal of becoming a great Boxing champion.

World Robot Boxing 2: Competition between steel warriors

Steel warriors bring you epic experience

The opening story tells us that we are in a future world, where robots are not simply basic machines used in industry, medicine, biology, space or housework. It has advanced to a new level when transforming into mighty Boxing fighters participating in world-class Boxing matches. This sport becoming a favorite sport entertainment for millions of people.

Like traditional boxing, any robot’s ultimate destination is the Boxing Robot Championship. You will play as a robot participating in many epic battles to finally grab the legendary title. And to do that, you will have to destroy other aggressive robots, including normal robots and bosses. But things are even more difficult.

World Robot Boxing 2 for Android

In a battle, you are not faced with just one, but many different robots. After passing the first few rounds, you get money to upgrade your robot, making it stronger, ready to face the opponents in the next round.

It sounds like you are favored by the game, but not. When you enter a real battle, you will find that, the same robot, but some opponents have superior strength. I temporarily call it the boss. Therefore, you must always be wary of all opponents, including robots with a weak appearance. Some robots even have some additional skills, making them easy to have an advantage on the arena.

Attractive gameplay

With just a few touches of the hand, touch the screen, you can communicate with the game easily. Read through the stories behind each robot warrior, learn the strength of each ranking, experience the fascinating slow-motion videos, feel the heat from the fiery arena of the robots … All that has created an attractive intertwining attraction for the game.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK download

World Robot Boxing 2 forces you to have a very quick action by your fingertips. To attack, choose your attack and defense, approach the enemy and dodge the attack. The faster and more decisively manipulating your fingers, the easier it will be for you to win.

Unexpected depth behind steel warriors

The details in the story are a very good highlight of World Robot Boxing 2. It causes things to slow down deliberately, with time for you to reflect on tactics, about how to deal with future opponents. And there is also time for you to understand the circumstances that were born and the life of each robot. A game that was thought to be merely fighting now has a respectable depth.

World Robot Boxing 2 MOD by APKMODY

Throughout the game, you will meet 67 robots from 14 different countries, classified into 6 groups with a variety of skills, stats and strengths. Needless to say, you can already imagine the heat when they are fighting.

Graphics and music in the game

I just want to say this. If you are looking for a truly beautiful game about robots, especially if you want to witness their unique skills, you must play this game.

And if you love robot games with soundtrack like taking us far into the future world, then again, you have to come to World Robot Boxing 2 now.

MOD APK version of World Robot Boxing 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Some notes when using the MOD version

  • You use MENU to enable/disable the MOD feature.
  • Only turn on the MOD feature when you want to buy something. Then please turn it off.
  • Sometimes the game freezes. Please close the game and reopen it.

Download World Robot Boxing 2 MOD APK for Android

And despite the one who is passionately saying that World Robot Boxing 2 is just a blurred copy of Real Steel World Robot Boxing, those are words from someone who hasn’t really played this game deeply. Don’t care who says what. Download the game via the links below to experience this robot game today!

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