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NameWorld of Warships: Legends
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If you want to live in the epic atmosphere of never-ending naval battles again, then you must play a naval strategy game with many epic features like World of Warships: Legends APK.

Introduce about World of Warships: Legends

High-speed epic naval battle game!

As the name suggests, World of Warships: Legends takes players to the world of the world’s most intense naval battles. You play as a dedicated naval captain, capable of controlling any mighty warship, from simple basic to majestic ships with strong firepower and enduring fighting power.

Graphics and sound

Every detail in World of Warships: Legends is meticulously cared for. The water surface is smooth and you can see every small ripple, the blue sky attracts the eye, in the distance a hill, a small island covered with green grass. The surroundings scenes are very beautiful. Those of you who have played a lot of naval war games, looking at it, you can immediately judge how beautiful the graphics in the game is. The first thing for you to evaluate is the liveliness and authenticity of the water surface. This point is thought the easiest but turned out to be the most difficult for a game related to water and sea. If done not well, it is easy to cause discomfort for players. Just looking at the unreal water surface when fighting from the beginning of the game, it’s easy for players to get bored, and then slowly don’t want to play the game.

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World of Warships: Legends does a great job on this detail. A very well-rounded start to draw players to the second step before being completely conquered.

The second step is about the battle fleet at sea. Models of battleships of the period have been recreated in great detail. If you like, you can also customize the colors of the ship and flag.

The day and night feature, weather simulation in World of Warships: Legends is also very good. During the day, everything glittered in the sunlight, the details of the battle were clear. At night, under the moonlight, everything is a bit menacing and the excitement is at its peak. Rain, lightning, wind gusts, storm surge… anything can happen on this battlefield in the middle of the ocean. The visual and sound effects are so realistic that you will be caught up in the battle and feel the fear of the insider. Try playing a scene with a storm and see, the whole boat seems to be about to capsize, you also feel the real feeling of a shock coming to you when playing.

The sound is certainly no need to discuss anymore. The tense moment of the wars is when the sound in World of Warships: Legends most clearly shows its class role. It isn’t too noisy like the battlefield full of fire and bullets, the sound in World of Warships: Legend is very excellent with many battle sound effects like in real life that stimulate all the players’ senses. And it’s highly recommended that you should use external speakers when playing to have the best experience.

Upgrades for all

The game allows players to choose the team (country) and the type of ship from the beginning. In total, there are more than 150 types of naval fleets. Of course not available from the start. You have to fight continuously and collect many glorious victories to increase the number of your new ships. I find the enemy warships (when playing against the AI) in World of Warships: Legends to be quite strong from the beginning. So at first World of Warships: Legends players will be quite struggling. But do not be impatient. New ship unlocks will appear one after another. Each fleet itself also has a few upgrades of its own. At first, you should make the most of these upgrades of each type, and then slowly unlock them later. Be patient and the glory will come.

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Upgrading a warship or choosing a new warship just in stock shows the player’s tactical analysis. Sometimes choosing a new warship is not necessarily the best choice. The warship you are familiar with, which is now much stronger after a period of the battle, may lead you to victory faster. But saying that does not mean that you keep choosing only one ship to fight. You should still choose the newly added ships so that they have more opportunities to upgrade, and also give yourself a new experience. In general, you should play gradually to raise the level of battleships, the higher the better. To when there were some fierce naval battles, you will have many powerful warships to use.

Even the players themselves have specific hierarchies: Commander, Captain, Admiral, Lieutenant, and Sailor. Initially of course you are at the lowest level. The more you fight, the more you win, the more experience points you have, the more opportunities to level up. These ranks differ in the ability to control the ship. Up to the Captain level, you can comfortably control all the features and combat capabilities of the ship. Up to the Commander level, you can choose any ship you have on your team and sail it with the fastest speed, the most modern weapons and have all control, maneuver the ship in and out in the middle of the battle.

Each country has its own unique fleet of warships. For example, the Italian cruiser fleet would include the battleships Alberto da Giussano, Raimondo Montecuccoli, Trento, and Zara, all of which were among the finest cruisers used in combat during the Second World War.

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Weapons on each type of ship are also very diverse: from side guns, Smoke Generators that cover the enemy’s eyes to powerful torpedoes, and there are ships equipped with both damage-limiting iron shells and Main Battery Reload Booster, which helps to reduce loading time for the torpedos of the ship.

Game mode

World of Warships: Legends allow you to play against the AI, 1v1 or 9v9. It all happened at a fast pace. In Co-op mode, you will join many other players, making teams and teams fight. Each team will have from the beginning 3 types of ships. This goes on until the last surviving team is the winner. Winning will be added new ships, promoted to fight for each individual depending on the spoils of each player.

Download World of Warships: Legends APK for Android

General comments about World of Warships: Legends:

  • Top graphics, detailed to every centimeter of the water surface
  • Attractive combat mechanism, many dramatic situations
  • Turning controls are a bit slow so they are sometimes passive in fast-paced battles
  • Many epic warships, which will bring great motivation for players to play
  • Diverse upgrade system
  • Many interesting missions
  • Game mode is very exciting with many modes

Those of you who want to enjoy the most intense super naval battles, both strategic and strong in combat, should download World of Warships: Legends now to play.

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