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NameWorld Conqueror 3
Package Namecom.easytech.wc3
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Medals
RequiresAndroid 4.1

World Conqueror 3 MOD APK is a war strategy game from the publisher EasyTech. In the game, World War II is recreated in a macro and tactical way. This is no longer a war between people, but a war of nations, continents, and regimes.

Introduce about World Conqueror 3

Being immersed in a world war storm

The background is the black period when the whole world is engulfed in fire and bullets

After World War I, World War II was also an inevitable war. We may have heard about it, but the harshness and darkness that people had to go through can only be described by the virtual reality (VR) world and the hit games for you to understand.

World Conqueror 3 for Android

That is the reason why I tried World Conqueror 3. For many people, it can be not attractive, even too difficult to play. But for people addicted to strategy games, World Conqueror 3 is a top game that challenges all patience and ingenious military tactical skills of them.


Tactics in World Conqueror 3 are the form of commanding units on the map front. Everything, from methods, tactics to maneuvering, commanding generals, handling battles … is happening on flat areas of the map. It’s no strange with anyone that is used to playing classic strategy games but with someone only playing current modern strategy games.

In the game, initially, you will be given the authority to be a commander for a platoon or a military company or take a heavier responsibility depending on the scene and level. But whoever you are, your main task is to intelligently arrange, distribute, command and move your units to reach the enemy quickly and win the battle.

Do you remember the historical movies about the Three Kingdoms or Game of Thrones? Before the battle, there were usually some scenes on a flat map on which the model of army groups stood with arrows, movement paths of each wing, and the commander-general of them … Well, it is the same here.

World Conqueror 3 MOD APK download

Friends, enemies, and various branches of allies and alliances are shown on the “divine” map. Your manipulation is simply touching, dragging to move each unit to the enemy’s area to attack or defend. Each military unit will move in different cells. By touching and dragging, you will arrange them according to your intentions.

In your turn, you can order movement or attack for each small unit. Note that each unit can only move or attack once (unless exceptions are announced early before the turn). And you can choose only one of the two, an attack or movement as you cannot do two things at the same time.

Modes and maps in World Conqueror 3

Corresponding to the situations in the war, the game has two game modes:

  • Conquer World (is also the most popular mode in the game): You will choose a country to command and fight. Victory is when you defeat all enemies on a worldwide scale (yes, the whole world).
  • Military Career mode (simpler and more local): You will experience each of the famous battles in World War II history. And if you want, you can completely play the role of each side to play in each side’s perspective.

Because all the developments in World Conqueror 3 happen on this map, it is extremely important. The game has two types of maps, flat map and topographic map. It can be briefly understood as:

  • Flat map: Used for Conquer World mode. It helps you have a general view of the correlation of forces, the density of the army distribution, the sphere of influence of the nations in the battle at present, and especially, it tells you who the commander-general of each area is. These are extremely important information for you to guide your units and decide to ally or confront someone in the world.
  • Topographic map: Used for both Conquer World and Military Career modes. Through the terrain depicted by colors and shapes on the map, you can follow the progress of each battle, observe the direction of the enemy, predict the enemy’s strategy and then issue the appropriate command for your unit.

Next, an important factor that creates the whole situation and pushes the climax of the game to the highest is the rank system of generals.

In the game, each country will have at least one highly respected general. And you can find a way to secretly negotiate to recruit this important general for your side.

What about the others under his command? In the game, each country consists of 4 main military forces: Infantry, Artillery, Armored, and Marine. Each of these armies, depending on the actual situation of the war in the past and later on the leadership of the general, will have different levels of combat, and have a maximum of 4 units. The characteristics of these forces are as follows:

  • Infantry: offensive, medium defense, but fast movement
  • Artillery: super strong attack, medium movement, and weak defense
  • Armor: superior defense, good attack, good movement. But it takes a lot of money and time to get your own armored team.
  • Marines: good defense, attack, and movement will depend on the group of Marines and the weapons they have in hand. But this is the unknowns and the most unpredictable army form in the game.

After the victory of each battle, you will unlock a series of items, including new levels, skills, and weapons for one or several of your army forces. Upgrading them is also increasing your combat power.

Graphics and music

For me, this is a top classic strategy game on mobile phones. If you are not addicted to strategy games, you will not understand the feeling of happiness of the insiders when being immersed in great battles in such an independent and influential way. Although the game does not have too many complicated graphics, it is extremely vivid and detailed. Detail is the culmination of the visual array in World Conqueror 3. The map helps players keep track of all the ongoing situations and, importantly, every aspect, inside, outside, micro and macro. Other visual details such as appearance, weapon description, military upgrades are equally sharp, creating great excitement for the players when playing.

World Conqueror 3 MOD by APKMODY

The music of the game is at a special level. It surprises me. In Conquer mode, you will hear melodious music but exuding the grandeur of an epic. And in Military mode, you will love a huge sound system of every attack detail, extremely fierce and excited.

MOD APK version of World Conqueror 3

MOD feature

Unlimited Medals

Download World Conqueror 3 MOD APK for Android

This game is intended for players who love history. It allows you to explore major events in World War II, one of the greatest wars in human history. What are you looking for? Download World Conqueror 3 MOD APK and play right now!

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