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Package Namecom.peoplefun.wordcross
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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With only four characters A, D, L, Y, how many meaningful words can you match (with at most 4 characters)? Wordscapes MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a word matching game that anyone can play, whether you are an adult or just a 5-year-old boy.

Learning while playing with Wordscapes

The game of PeopleFun publisher gives you extremely twisted brain challenges with seemingly simple word puzzles. Are you sure with your vocabulary? Check it out in this extremely fun spelling game.

Spelling to solve puzzles

Writing is a great invention of mankind. With just a few letters, we can create a lot of words for everyday life. Words help people easily communicate and record important things for future generations. Thanks to words, we can read stories written thousands of years ago.

The gameplay is similar to spelling games in high school. On your screen include empty boxes and some characters below. Each row and column is a word match from the characters below. Use your finger to link the characters to create a word. If the word is correct, it will appear in the corresponding fields. Complete all the empty boxes, which means you have completed the level.

Wordscapes’s gameplay has a combination of puzzle and linker. Want to play this game well, you must be a person with lots of knowledge about vocabulary and understand their spelling. To make it easier, the game has no time limit and the number of times you choose wrong. You can feel free to try all the words you think about when you encounter a difficult puzzle. The game evaluates you with the Brilliance score. And the reward you get is coins.

Learning while playing

Really, there are very few educational games like Wordscapes. You can both entertain and add a lot of useful knowledge about words and meanings of words. After finding a strange word that you don’t know its meaning, touch the word, the game will provide the whole meaning and usage of the word. Don’t forget to connect to the internet to use this feature.

The characters are displayed in a circle like a clock. Try changing their sort order by the button to the left, maybe you will think out something. Activate your brain and search for all the words you know. If you get stuck at one level, use the button with the light bulb icon. The game will provide a hint by displaying a character on the boxes. But it is not free. Each hint character costs 100 coins. Coins are quite hard to find, so I do not encourage you to abuse this feature.

Unlimited number of puzzles

For me, Wordscapes is like a dictionary. I don’t know the PeopleFun publisher uses all the dictionaries or not. I played to level 28765 but the game has not shown signs of stopping. Each puzzle is a real challenge for your brain. After playing this game for a month, I learned a lot of new words. My vocabulary has been much better thank to this game.

In some early level, things are relatively easy. There are only short and popular words, so I finished the puzzle easily. But when the words are long and difficult to appear, it takes me longer. Sometimes, I found a valid word but was not selected. The word is counted as a bonus from Cameron. This feature adds new words you find for future suggestions.

One thing that makes it difficult for players, Wordscapes has acronyms. There are many words that are not too popular, but the game still considers it a correct answer. I think the game should focus on common words so that everyone doesn’t find it difficult to understand.

MOD APK version of Wordscapes

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: You can purchase anything you want.

Download Wordscapes MOD APK for Android

Wordscapes is a great game for you to play with children. This can be considered as a method to help children learn more words at home. With this game, your living room is also a fun and rewarding classroom. You can have relaxing moments with your family while teaching children lessons about words and how to use words.

After this article, can you answer the question at the beginning? I found three words DAY, LADY and LAY. And you?

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