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Will It Shred? APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.3.10

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NameWill It Shred?
Package Namecom.satisfying.shredder
PublisherBoomBit Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Sometimes the pressure is on you all the time, you want to smash something simply to relieve stress, but you realize that doing so can affect many people around you and we shouldn’t do that. Do not worried! Download now Will It Shred? MOD APK on your Android device and you can smash anything you want!

Introduce about Will It Shred?


Will It Shred? is a simple simulation game in which players simply “play for fun” and have no other purpose. The game revolves around a powerful metal crusher with the ability to crush everything put in. Your task is to pick the items you like and then throw them into this crushing machine to see how they were destroyed.

This eyebrow seems to be able to crush everything by its sheer power. From simple everyday objects to the most unbelievable things can also be thrown into the crushing machine in this game.

Crush everything you want

As I said, you can put everything you think of into this machine. The seemingly simple things that you often use such as brushes, glass bottles, soda cans … suddenly have incredible attraction because they now do not appear to be used with the right use, but now, you will see how it is destroyed. Or even, you will encounter extremely crazy items, full of creativity from the developer. Try to ask your brain what it would think of the hardest thing to put into the crusher? A car? A bulldozer? Or a toilet? Is it all in Will It Shred? as a crushed victim. Out of the imagination, there is a shield of Captain America that is also thrown into this crushing machine as a test object.

Upgrade your machine

In fact, when you just start the game, you will not be able to choose everything you want to put in the machine immediately. Items in Will It Shred? sold in stores and have their own prices. The price will depend on the uniqueness of the images, ideas, and effects that the item brings. So how to have more money? When you crush something, it gives you some money. Let’s start with simple, cheap items, take that number to the crusher to earn extra money. Just a few times, you have enough money to buy more special things. Remember, the higher the price of items, the bigger the money earned from crushing them, so you basically never run out of money.

Not only that, but players can also save money to upgrade parts of their machines. Upgrade the saw to increase the crushing speed of the machine, upgrade the gravity so that the item is pressed down quickly and strongly, creating a more exciting feeling for the player. In addition, you can also spend some money to increase the money received from the crushed object.

Why is Will It Shred? so attractive?

In life, we will often only pay attention to the use of something brought about, that is completely reasonable and easy to understand. But, BoomBit Games – Will It Shred’s developer- go against the way of that thinking. They said that seeing everything being crushed in the crushing machine brings extreme interest for players and the most unforgettable experiences. Most people don’t have a chance to see how an item is crushed so we will find it extremely attractive to watch them many times. Review of the game shows that the players are very interested in this unique game: “It is interesting to see how the objects are crushed in the machine!”, “I spent an hour just to watch this machine devour other things. This game is unbelievable! ”

Graphics and sound

Will It Shred? have graphics platform and quality sound, true to every detail. Really, Will It Shred? is a simulation game that operates a real-life crusher, so the realistic factor must be pushed to the top. Observing the way everything gets caught in a crusher, or the sound of a machine when crushing something, is really exciting for the player. In addition, the large and bulky items thrown in the crusher somewhat obey the basic laws of physics, making the game is more realistic.

About MOD APK version of Will It Shred

MOD features

Unlimited Money: If you want to buy special items, you need a lot of money. And the money the game gives you is not enough for you to buy the items you want. The solution is very simple, please use the MOD version of APKMODY. After opening the game, you just need to touch the amount of your gold and your gold amount will increase.

No Ads: The in-app package to remove ads has been unlocked.

Download Will It Shred MOD APK for Android

A great game to help you overcome extreme stress or simply kill your spare time. Will It Shred? promise will not let you down no matter what your situation is. Please download and enjoy this fun game via the links below.

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