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Wildscapes APK is a match-3 puzzle game released by Playrix, considered as a sequel to Gardenscapes and Homescapes. Unlike two predecessors, this time we temporarily parted with Mr. Austin’s cozy home and small garden to come to a large zoo, where beautiful creatures live happily. Lots of visitors love your zoo, especially children.

Wildscapes: A fun match-3 puzzle game

The story

For a long time, the zoo has always been a favourite place for families. The zoo always has a lot of visitors, whether it’s midweek or weekend. There are many cute animals in your zoo. However, you are going through a bad time.

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A zoo staff – Zack is in a very bad situation. His zoo is extremely chaotic. Animals are starved and they gradually leave. Trees are gradually drying up, leaves fall everywhere. In order to restore his original splendour, he needs patience, puzzle skills and a lovely panda. And of course, he can’t lack your help.

Match-3 puzzle game

Just like in two famous games Gardenscapes and Homescapes, you’ll rebuild the stunning animation world in Wildscapes by completing quests. Super cool photographer needs a cup of coffee? Baby girl looking for the playground with panda? Play a match-3 puzzle to help them.

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This game complies with the match-3 puzzle rules. Match the same three items (or more) into a row or column to clear the board and earn coins for the zoo to be more sparkling. Jigsaw puzzles are very attractive and varied. During the game, you will also see a series of new support items appear.

You can play new levels after completing the current level with the full requirements of the game. After each puzzle, you are rewarded with lots of coins. Money can help you unlock more animals like giraffes, lions, … Unlock an animal family that brings more bonuses. Your zoo also becomes more attractive when there are many animal families. Besides, you can expand your zoo.

Panda can help

Our panda friend is also extremely helpful. He always there to count the number of items that you have matched and regularly drop the support items. Don’t forget to thank him!

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Pass through the puzzles to unlock more animals. Soon your little zoo will be full of cute creatures. The more you upgrade your puzzle, the more Wildscapes will get crowded and bustling.

Decorate your zoo

With the money earned each time you play, you can unlock decorative items for the zoo. Build more and more habitats suitable for each of your animals. A polar bear family and penguins need an ice lake. Hippos love a clean lake. Animals desperately need a natural habitat. Plant lots of trees to help fresh air.

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However, decorating and unlocking animals requires a lot of money. Even, some high-class animals and ornaments require diamonds – the premium currency. If you use our Wildscapes (MOD Unlimited Money), you no longer have to worry about money. With the money available, you can afford to buy the items you want. Unlock the rarest animals. But don’t forget to take care of them carefully.


About graphics, Wildscapes has bright, cute 3D graphics. Images of the game are beautifully designed with high resolution. The game is suitable for everyone, from adults to children. With only 5 free-time minutes, you can play one puzzle and take care of your zoo.

Download Wildscapes APK for Android

As an entertainment game, Wildscapes is not too important on logic, but instead, the game brings relaxation to players. Building a zoo is the dream of many children, including me. You are allowed to build, decorate or do whatever you want with your zoo. With attractive graphics and clever jigsaw gameplay, you will definitely love this game. The zoo has already opened, let’s play now!

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    Jack Shah

    Needs UPDATE!!! Plz Help :)

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    Arwendy Melyndra

    Please update, thank you

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    Pls update WILDSCAPES APK thank you!

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    Hi can you update please to 1.4.1

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