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NameWarships Universe: Naval Battle
Package Namecom.gamespire.warships
PublisherGameSpire Ltd.
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Warships Universe: Naval Battle MOD APK from GameSpirewill is a game that anyone wants to play, from childhood to adulthood, because this game is an epic battleship game.

Introduce about Warships Universe: Naval Battle

How intense was the war on the ocean?

Epic battles at sea

World War II was the war that caused the most damage and suffering to mankind. But it’s also a huge boost to a host of new technologies, inventions, and techniques. Including technology to build warships and accompanying weapons equipped on ships. It must be said that this is the time when generations of unique, valuable, and pioneering battleships will explode and serve as a premise for today and the future.

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What if you become a powerful Admiral, holding the life and death of every crew and having the right to call a majestic naval fleet? What will you do to take your army through the wars and dominate the ocean?

Warships Universe: Naval Battle is the most played naval action game today. You will be the Admiral of a powerful naval fleet, taking turns going through the most epic battles in the open seas in the context of World War II.

Why is Warships Universe: Naval Battle attractive to players?

The answer is because of the strategy in the game. From the time you landed the first warships, you need to have a defensive and offensive plan in mind for the fleet building. Then when other ships appear one after another, you will need to map out clearer moves to assign and position each ship, depending on its ability and combat level.

With a good strategy, strong coverage, you will be able to survive in the ocean as much as possible, even when surrounded by bombs, powerful enemies, and virtually no retreats. And when you become the winner, you will have the opportunity to customize and upgrade your battleship: from appearance, weapons to different parts to increase strength and win more battles.

Warships Universe Naval Battle for Android 1440x810

The weaponry for the battleship in the game is very powerful, completely simulated with the World War 2 period. You will witness the super attacks of missiles, torpedoes, aircraft interceptors, and guns. And with the right strategy, you can blow up other mighty fleets.

Maybe you’ve heard but never seen those mighty real battleships

Now play the game Warships Universe: Naval Battle you will see it all. Not only that but also 3D moving like real. In your fleet, there are full battleships large and small, of all sizes, shapes, and functions: battleships, destroyers, aircraft ships… All are under your control and ready to wait for the order to fire to destroy all enemies.

Not only that, but you can also drive them to battle zones on duty. They are all names that have marked in the history of the World War of mankind such as Arizona, Yamato, Bismark, Lexington… These battleships turn waves, go deep into the battles between the Atlantic and Pacific and the Arctic Ocean.

Not yet dazzling because of the majesty of each battleship, you will immediately be shocked because of the intense, unforgiving battles on the sea. Set sail, receive orders, aim and fire like the real thing. You can feel that yourself as the main character of an illustrious naval war picture. Honestly, everyone will immediately love this warship shooting game.

Graphics and sound

This game depicts sea battles with high speed, rare realistic 3D images, based entirely on real historical warship models in World War 2. All lighting effects, fire, and explosions. , the weather system and water effects and a variety of combat physics appear as if it is happening in front of your eyes. Well, it’s like you’re a part of those wars. You can feel the ship bobbing when the waves are big, the violent vibrations when hit by bullets, and the inertia recoil each time it fires. There will be many times when I look at the phone screen and think “I don’t know if I’m playing a game or fighting for real”.

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MOD APK version of Warships Universe: Naval Battle

MOD feature

Free Shopping

Download Warships Universe: Naval Battle MOD APK for Android

Warships Universe: Naval Battle is really a must-play game. Even if you’re not a fan of battleships, watching these ships ferociously bombard the surface of the water will feed your imagination with a wealth of unique data and images. For those who love warships, this game is for you guys. Very beautiful battle game, speed, and impressive physics logic. What are you waiting for without downloading this game right away?

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