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NameWar Song Mobile
Latest Version1.1.240
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3, iOS 8.0
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League of Legends is one of the most exciting MOBA games of all time, the best electronic sport in the world. Based on the gameplay of League of Legends, there are many mobile game titles were born, most notably Arena Of Valor, or 3Q 360 Mobi …While the MOBA game is still lucrative, other developers jump in, bringing us many beautiful graphics games. The game that I would like to mention today is War Song Mobile (Japanese, ウ ォ ー ソ ン グ), a mobile game developed by Sixjoy (come from Japan), made for Japan, one of the hottest gaming markets, a new version of Arena Of Valor.

Gameplay has nothing new

war song mobile 4
There will still be classic matches like this

Like League of Legends or Arena Of Valor, War Song Mobile is a MOBA arena where all players will participate in 5VS5 battles to defend their towers and main house, as well as try to defeat the towers and the main house of the opponent team to win. The map is divided into three main roads: the middle road, the upper road and the lower road, the two sides are divided by a forest of many monsters and jungle.

war song mobile 5
Dark dragon in War Song is so beautiful

Each player can choose a hero to control and choose his own path. Normally a team will split into 3 parts, one of the team who is going to the forest to exploit this endless resource. You can choose an attack direction, coordinate tactics with other teammates to try to gain as many advantages as possible. There are two very important stats to the power of a hero in the game: the level of the hero and equipment of the hero, you need to kill many troops and monsters to receive EXP and gold coins to buy equipment to add the power for yourself.

A different point of War Song Mobile that I like it is that this game highlights the historical elements, the epic of the game heroes system are based on what is in the Japanese culture. Currently, the game has more than 20 heroes, and the number will increase over time operation of the game. Each of hero in the game is voiced in Japanese very vivid.

In general, the details in the 5vs5 map are not much different from League of Legends, so who plays the MOBA genre will be extremely easy to get used to when joining this game. Details such as towers, main house, dark dragon, King Kong are very familiar.

Nice and smooth graphics

war song mobile 3
Attack troops

Compared to other MOBA games, War Song Mobile’s greatest strength is its graphics. The map in the game is perfectly done, objects such as towers, forests, roads … are fair to both teams participate in the battle. Not only that, the heroes’ designs, costumes and skill effects are all eye-catching and worth trying. The game also has day and night weather, with more fog at night, which limits visibility, making the game harder when you can be ganked at any time.

Not only beautiful, the game is very smooth too. I experience the game from Vietnam, but the controls in this game make me feel very smooth and easy to use. The layout of the function keys in the game is quite neat, not tangled like the other MOBA games in the same genre.

War Song really worth playing

war song mobile 6
Attack main house

Heroes role in War Song Mobile are not fixed as a League of Legends heroes role, you can customize the role and go any road you want. This opens up a lot of ways to choose equipment. The game is expected to be over 40 heroes and there are 3 types of games including 1vs1, 3v3 and 5vs5.

Compared to other mobile MOBA games, the maps in the War Song are much larger, the number of towers in each road is also greater, the forest is larger and more monsters so that gamers can enjoy the forest.

The game supports both the Android and iOS operating systems, but currently, the game is in beta so very limited. If you want to experience this game, you will need to download the APK file to try, the game only supports 2 languages (Japanese and English) at the moment.

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  • War Song for Android APK - v1.1.240

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