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NameWanted Fish
Package Namecom.mondayoff.wantedfish
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Wanted Fish MOD APK is quite a unique fishing game. You will be traveling to the cold regions of the arctic iceberg deep under the ocean, many exotic fishes are waiting to bite.

Introduce about Wanted Fish

Relax with Wanted Fish – Attractive and full of exciting fishing game!

Fishing is an art, but art has many ways to enjoy

Fishing is not for the impatient. It is considered one of many sedentary sports, containing a lot of knowledge and profound spiritual values, which can be considered an art. But art can be enjoyed in many different ways.

You can choose a spectacular fishing game full of drama when faced with a series of difficult fish that require a lot of superior fishing techniques. Or you can also be gentler with a fishing game that only focuses on the skill of turning the rod and considering the weight of the fish so that it can be caught.

And you can also fish in a relaxing way, even without caring what the object of the fishing is. Relaxing in the quiet space around is enough.

If you are one like that, let’s try to play Wanted Fish.

Magical relaxing arcade fishing game

Wanted Fish is a fishing-themed arcade game. But this game is much simpler and easier than fishing games you know. This time you will not go to the famous lakes and seas but will make a trip to the polar region, discovering the cold waters and hundreds of exotic fishes here.

Covering Wanted Fish is a bright blue color that is cool to the eyes, just looking at it, you can see the cold overflowing. Open Wanted Fish to play on a hot summer day, you will immediately be relaxed, at first sight.

Different from other fishing games, which are technically heavy or sometimes have to constantly spin the rod to achieve the big fishing goal, the fishing experience in Wanted Fish is very relaxing and soothing. You can relax in a cool space, everything is quiet, alone, on a small boat, drop a hook and wait patiently. It feels so calm and comfortable. Once when I was having a hot story at the company, I opened Wanted Fish to play, didn’t need to fish any fish, just sat there staring at the screen, listening to the faint melody playing, sinking into the cool blue of the game.

Wide variety of fish species

These cold arctic waters have more to offer than you think. If you are familiar with large and small ocean fishes in other fishing games, then here, the species may not be as many, but the “unique” level is more.

But what you can fish is not just fish, but polar sea creatures in general, including turtles, sharks, man-eating fish, and sea monsters.

Each time you let go of the rod, wait and catch a fish, you will get points. Earn upgrade points and unlock more unique fish breeds. The excitement of this game mostly comes from discovering all kinds of species in the strange sea.

The sea creatures in Wanted Fish are also designed in another unique style. All are 2D graphics, the style is both cartoonish and a bit classic in the form of blocks. You may come across a very scary fish but its shape is cute. In Wanted Fish, there is no scary concept or dark pressure from the graphics. Everything is so bright and full of gentle energy.

Is fishing in Wanted Fish difficult?

Fishing in Wanted Fish is very easy. Almost you just need to touch and you can already catch fish. To show the arcade spirit more thoroughly, the sea creatures in Wanted Fish are also not difficult. Just want and unlock them, you have the opportunity to fish that fish up. Not struggling or struggling with a huge weight like other fishing games.

Wanted Fish also does not require continuous play. You can play Wanted Fish in your spare time.

MOD APK version of Wanted Fish

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads


You can buy even you don’t have money.

Download Wanted Fish APK & MOD for Android

With the intuitive one-touch fishing mechanism, beautiful 2D graphics, easy-to-understand, minimalistic, user-friendly interface, charming scenery, fancy polar costumes, and soothing background music, Wanted Fish is full of elements to make an entertaining game worth saving on the phone to play for a long time. You can play alone or join and compete in fishing competitions with the Wanted Fish player community.

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