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NameWall of insanity
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People have many fears. The more gloomy, dreary, and shapeless something is, the scarier it is. If you don’t mind having to venture into such a terrible world, then you should play Wall of Insanity APK with me.

Introduce about Wall of insanity

The truth of the mad massacre

Crazy scary place

Have I told you guys about Wall of insanity? It’s not an attractive shooter, but playing a third-person game full of life’s darkest monster will make you scared.

And this game doesn’t have a funny story.

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This game is not for children. Because of the horror of this game, make sure you must be over 18 to play this game.

The context in Wall of insanity is very dark. Regardless of what is waiting for in this game, just opening the game, enjoying the heavy atmosphere full of violence, is satisfying enough for a shooting enthusiast.

Wall of insanity always immerses you in the feeling: not knowing what lies ahead (which is the scariest thing that we have never faced before). Just taking a step further is like entering a deep, frenzied panic.


In the game, you will listen to the whispering voice over the radio. The soldiers are talking to each other in a series of codes. The surroundings are filled with the chaotic sounds of the battlefield. While you are still in a daze, you see a few more soldiers with the same equipment running around, talking and pointing at something. Then they pull away, leaving you alone with the sound of the radio. Through those impossible-to-be-shorter conversations, you slowly learned that you are a member of the task force.

There was once a police squad assigned to track down and arrest a group of devout fanatics belonging to a dangerous sect. Scary is that in the process of performing the mission, this police team mysteriously missing. And now a special team with all the elite soldiers is sent to find these unfortunate policemen and bring them back. You are part of that task force.

Your job is with your teammates to investigate and answer the above mysterious missing. By the way, if you see anything left of that strange sect, you’ll take down it.

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When the task force arrived at the place where there was supposed to be the last sign of the police group, they witnessed the vestiges of a serial massacre. The place in this abandoned house is full of scary bloodstains. It proves that something terrible has happened here. The other policemen had maddeningly killed each other as if they had lost their minds, or something more terrifying had killed them all. When the whole task force is immersed in a lot of questions and begins to split up to find the truth, the game begins.


A little divulge you is that the one who caused this bloody tragedy still hanging around in the area. If you don’t find it and defeat it quickly, another massacre will come, with you and your team.

Life or death as you venture out into this desolate place is down to your quick, bullet-accurate reactions and vigilance. At this time, all skills of fighting, survival, reasoning, and connecting things must be used to the fullest extent. Use terrain as cover, use weapons to protect yourself, and use your mind to decipher strange objects and phenomena in the abandoned house.

How to play Wall of insanity is quite simple. This game is a third-person shooter, single-player campaign. True to the tradition of this game genre, there is a health bar, a navigation cluster on the lower right wing and above are guns, ammo, and something else. The soldiers in the Wall of Insanity do quite well the role of moving, all of them show a big back, it’s good to look at but sometimes a bit dizzy on the screen, especially the scenes that need to solve small things. But in short, this mobile TPS game that can create this shape is very perfect.

Go deep into hell on earth

The arsenal of special weapons available to you is quite large and modern. Taking advantage of what you have, with limited ammo and limited vision, you’ll have to take down hideous zombies and disgustingly sticky monsters in each scene to complete the challenge. And I must also note that although you are on the team, it was said from the beginning that you will be separated, each teammate of your team has a direction to track. So don’t expect anything from your teammates. Here, in any situation, you are alone.

The later your weapon is promoted with higher damage, respectively, the zombies and monsters are also increasingly aggressive, bloodthirsty, and more crowded. The deeper we get to the truth, the more casualties there will be. Almost once you press the button to start the game, you don’t have any time to rest. The game is fast-paced, the enemies are attacking, but they always appear to pick a pooh in all the most unexpected places, can grab you at any time. Therefore, you must always be careful and move forward without stopping.

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A second point that I want to remind you from my own experience. During the game, if you have the opportunity and still have enough time, please take the time to observe the opponent. Usually, in a level, there are 2-3 types of monsters, many of them but they can be similar. Each has different attack patterns and weaknesses. If you know what type they are, it will be easier to kill the ones later, and you can save ammo. Ammo is limit, enemies are limitless.



Don’t worry and be patient. The game is quite heavy and it takes a few minutes to fully load the data.

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Play Wall of Insanity is to find out the truth of the massacre. A third-person shooter with very good sound and visual effects. This game is very scary so do not let children play. As things begin to unfold, the more terrible truth awaits you.

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