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NameVirus War
Package Namecom.kunpo.virus
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Welcome to Virus War (MOD Unlimited Money) – the largest anti-virus war in the world.

About Virus War

This game is a perfect combination between Ball Blast and Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. When looking at the name of the game, you may think of a hospital simulation game or some idle game. But you were wrong! This is a shooting game inspired by the legendary Chicken Invaders game.

The game was released by Kunpo, a publisher from China. This name is quite new to the gaming community. That’s right! They only have a few games on Google Play and the App Store. Their games are quite new and unique, including some games such as B.I.T, Loner. Since its release, Virus War has reached more than 5 million installs on Googe Play, and that number is constantly increasing. People are crazy about the addictive nature of this game, as evidenced by the comments that show a strong impression. What makes Virus War “spread” like a virus speed, let find out through the article below.


Viruses are creatures that not many people like. It brings chaos and weakness to an entire system. In medicine, the virus brings disease and there is no cure. In the information technology industry, viruses have the ability to steal data and destroy computer systems. So it’s time we have to teach them a lesson. As mentioned above, Virus War is a combination of Ball Blast and Space Shooter. You can control the whole game with just one finger. The gameplay is extremely simple, you hold and drag your spaceship to move, and shoot lasers up on the screen. Viruses appear from the top of your screen, destroy them with your firepower.

Destroy all the viruses in one level, you will advance to the next level. But be careful. When a virus touches you, the spaceship will be destroyed. At some stage, viruses appear a lot, almost your screen is covered with viruses. You need to move very skillfully if you do not want to fail in this battle. Just a second of distraction, you might pay a price.

In fact, you do not need to destroy all viruses that appear on the screen. If you encounter high-index viruses, cleverly avoid them. Viruses will fly off your screen instead of bouncing back like Ball Blast. Instead of having to destroy all enemies like Chicken Invaders, you can let them fly over and wait for the weaker viruses.

Upgrade your ships

Of course. When the virus is stronger, you also need to upgrade your weapons if you do not want to be “backward”. The coins you get are used to upgrade weapons or buy new ships. After completing level 5, you will unlock a secondary weapon. The main weapon includes two upgrades, Firerate and Firepower. The secondary weapon also has two upgrades, including Strength and Firepower. Depending on your tactics and style, you can upgrade these two weapons at will.


Virus War has a feature similar to idle games. On the right side of the screen, you will receive a passive amount of coins per second. You can invest in bonus upgrades to get more coins. This is an amazing feature. Now, instead of having to play each old level to get coins, you can feel free to upgrade your weapons with passive bonuses.


A very interesting concept. Viruspedia is a place to store all the information about the viruses you have faced. Each type of virus has different capabilities, you need to know this if you do not want to fail. For example, Healer has the ability to recover for other viruses, Shifter can accelerate unexpectedly. You can distinguish them by the color of each virus. Viruspedia has full information, virus capabilities and tips to destroy them. In particular, you will receive a small number of diamonds when completing the task of Viruspedia. Do not miss!


There is not much to say about the graphics of Virus War. The game is designed with 2D graphics with lots of colors. I really like the feeling when the laser destroys the virus, the visual effects and the sound are very impressive. Although many objects appeared on the screen, Kunpo still knew how to let players can see each object clearly.

Virus War MOD APK version

When you play to level 70, viruses appear a lot, and they have a very high stat. Moreover, they have many special abilities that make you feel confused. You don’t even get a chance to collect power-ups, because the virus has nearly invaded your screen. If you want your weapon to be more powerful, you must upgrade your weapon. However, the amount you have is too small compared to the required amount.

In this case, please use our Virus War (MOD Unlimited Money). With the money (coins and diamonds) available, you can freely upgrade weapons and buy your favorite weapons. However, you still need to reach the required level to unlock new weapons.

Download Virus War MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

With the varied and intense battles, Virus War deserves the game you choose in your spare time. The game brings both familiar and new feelings for Chicken Invaders fans. If you are ready to fight the virus, immediately download the game via the links below this article.

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    Michael Nowak

    Thanks for the fast mod <3 you're awesome guys. Requested it just 2 days ago

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      Anh Pham

      You are welcome

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