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NameUnreal Life
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Unreal Life APK is an indie game that was very popular on PC now available on mobile. Play games, solve puzzles, touch objects to help the little girl find her lost memories.

Introduce about Unreal Life

Compare memories of the past with the present, solve mysteries, and follow the girl and the traffic light in this atmospheric puzzle adventure game.

Unreal Life, which has been available on PC and Switch since 2018, is the collaborative work of many developers: hako life, hako 生活, room6, and yokaze. For those who love pixel puzzle games, this must be an unforgettable memory. Now you can play this beautiful, emotional little game again on mobile.


Unreal Life is the story of a little girl who has lost her mind. The only thing that remained in her mind was the name “Miss Sakura”. “Miss Sakura” must be found before she can find out what happened to her. Fortunately, she possesses a strange ability: Every time touching any object, she can read its memory. Because of this, along with the ability to link things, our little girl roamed everywhere, following small clues to find the person she was looking for. What was her background, what happened before she lost her memory completely?

The lonely, emotional journey in Unreal Life will surely make every player sob.


Unreal Life is an interactive puzzle game. All progress in the game is shown on the horizontal screen. You will continuously move forward, looking around, solving interactive puzzles, and collecting objects to piece together the memory fragments for the character.

She will use her memory touch-seeing ability to find clues. The challenge is to find as many objects as possible. Along the way, she will constantly pick up objects to enrich her memories.

The problem is that the memories you see from the objects are sometimes not quite right. Since they see things from their perspective, it may be different from what is happening on the outside, on a broader scale. So every time you touch, look at the memory of an item, you will need to compare the image in that memory with the present to see the difference and predict what happened that led to this change.

Unreal Life has up to 4 different endings depending on how you view and evaluate the memory fragments obtained from objects on the road. Your actions, your choices will affect the ending of the story. Do you want to lose yourself, choose to forget the past, and just immerse yourself in the beautiful world of the present, or do you want to find out the mysteries that have happened to understand better about yourself despite knowing a lot of pain? Choosing which way depends on the thoughts and actions of each player. Come along with her and bring her own ending.

Graphics and sound

The world of Unreal Life is created from pixel art style with only two tones of white and blue. All the movements and images here are quite simple, but the artistic inspiration and its emotional connection are above all amazing.

Pixel art in Unreal Life will completely change the concept of this word pixel art. It is not clunky, monotonous, and boring as we imagined, everything in Unreal Life has been breathed fresh and full of dreams. From the way the developer chooses the general color tone, dreaming of dreamy blue to the way they build the image of the main girl character in the game, it is also fragile. It is this that accidentally (or intentionally) fits the ambiguity and sadness that the Unreal Life plot is trying to convey.

The background music in Unreal Life is based on the sound of the piano chirping, skin-tight. It further depicts the quiet atmosphere of the story. This is also a big identifying factor of Unreal Life when there are too many noisy shooting games on the mobile.

Both, the graphics and the music, have created a rare melodrama for the Unreal Life game. It makes people who have not played curious, those who are playing just want to go on and explore to the end of the story.

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In short, Unreal Life is small, play is quite simple, the total duration is only 7-10 hours depending on the player’s leisure. But the spiritual value and beautiful emotions that the game brings will be a unique entertainment dish for chaotic days.

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