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NameUniversity Empire Tycoon
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

University Empire Tycoon MOD APK is a university management simulation game on mobile. You are a manager with important decisions to expand operations, enhance your university’s reputation and become the most talented Principal in the country.

Introduce about University Empire Tycoon

Managing a university, you are both a teacher and a strategic businessman.

You must both do professional work and be a talented businessman

Nowadays, in private universities, the Principal and the Manager are two positions that are separate but related. The Principal is a person who is both professional and academic, who is responsible for the work related to the teaching, learning, and professional skills improvement for the school’s staff. The Manager is responsible for making investment, reinvestment, new construction, repairing, and upgrading decisions and also make important decisions related to reputation improvement of the university.

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In public schools, the roles of Manager and Principal are often merged in one position. University Empire Tycoon is a simulation game that takes you to the standard public university model.

And as you might think, whether it’s taken on by one person or two, the general manager job for a university will include two main aspects: expertise and business. 

In terms of expertise, you will need to consider the needs of students, market trends to decide to open suitable specialized faculties, find lecturers and design the best courses and materials for teaching your students. Professional work is also a series of details related to the arrangement of departments to support teaching and learning at school such as the administrative department, human resources department, supervision department, … Moreover, it is also to customize classes, provide good teaching equipment and calculate the budget to invest in a team of young, good and reliable teachers… These are work that a Manager of the university must perform right from the first moment of taking control over the school.

In terms of business, you need to balance the overall revenue, profit, and investment costs, operating costs monthly and yearly. You must know how to make the business profitable and develop later.

Principle and direction are the most important

Everything needs to follow your original principles of a school manager: do you want to diversify careers for your university (like the Polytechnic University model), or do you want to just focus on a specific area of ​​expertise (such as Technical University with only technical majors), or want to make your university a place of many “stars” (oriented to invest heavily in new technology, famous teachers, modern equipment). It is this initial principle that is the most important thing that governs all stages of long-term construction and development, which makes a difference for your university.

Also remember that the university, or any public or private model, is based on effective business. With investment, profit, reinvestment, an organization can survive and develop. That is why while investing in quality and teaching, you also need to consider a range of business decisions for your college. These decisions are building infrastructure including repairing classrooms, building libraries, toilets, laboratories, dormitories… investing in equipment, and also in teachers.

The combination of business performance and teaching quality will decide whether a university is truly an ideal destination for students across the country or not.

You always need to pay attention to an important score

It is Reputation. This metric is included in all the important in-game goals: it’s an overall score to gauge the quality and reliability of a school, it’s a relative comparison score for you to choose the right teachers and professors. Moreover, it decides where you are on the ranking with other universities, which is a standard scale for students to make the final choice.

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Whenever you do anything and see your Reputation stat going up, slowly but surely, it means that everything is going in the right direction, and vice versa. Building a lot is not always good. Besides a modern appearance, you also need to have a team of good, experienced, and skilled teachers to help raise this reputation score. As long as one of the above factors goes backward, the score will slowly decrease. Students will decrease, revenue will decrease too.

The pinnacle of this university management experience is when you officially step into the rankings with other prestigious universities in the region/in the country. You will realize what in your school is not good, then return to fix it and continue to develop sustainably. Finally, your university will become the leading university in the country in all aspects. Then you stand on the top of glory and officially become the most talented University Manager.

Graphics and gameplay

University Empire Tycoon has simple, smooth 2D graphics with full details displayed on screen without any mess. The fine details and reasonable color scheme also make you more inspired in playing. Especially when you shrink the screen to see the overview from the top down, an epic university scene created by your own hands from day one will make you both excited and proud.

The sound is not much, just a few simple effects, but it also makes the game experience more interesting.

The gameplay is also quite easy. By touching the screen, drag to where you want to go and touch options. What matters is what to choose, and choose in what order.

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Thinking, choosing rationally, scientifically with the criterion that students are the best but still ensure business efficiency with the principle of “business must be profitable”, you will understand the management of the school is not easy at all. It is a combination of many factors, of expertise and business, of reason and feeling. All must focus on the long-term development direction, not temporary.

MOD APK version of University Empire Tycoon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

How to use?

Your money increase when you spend.

Download University Empire Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Wish you successful management of your Top University. Download the game University Empire Tycoon to play right here!

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    Very nice. Please add builders mod too if possible. So that we could construct 4 buildings at the same time. Thanks!

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    Octo Rush

    My money stuck at 250k. But i love this game tho

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