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NameUnholy Adventure 2
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The point & click story game genre is always the most attractive when playing on mobile screens because of its convenience, simplicity, and speed. If you like this type of game and still love horror stories, you must try playing Unholy Adventure 2 APK from Dali Games: adventure games. 

Introduce about Unholy Adventure 2

The haunting horror continues, but on a higher level.

Continuation of the story of part 1 

To talk about part 2, let’s take a quick look at the story of the first part. 

The opening is a world that is going crazy and distorted with all kinds of people wearing animal faces and hundreds of weird things happening. Our main character is Peter Grim, hustling on his way to find his wife Betty. Experiencing many challenges along the way and following a series of clues, part 1 comes to a halt when Peter Grim enters a large building where he is sure his wife is inside. 

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Part 2 begins with Peter’s dialogue and a creepy headed “receptionist” with hundreds of squirming snakes, who reveals that Betty’s out there and asks him if he’s sure his wife is doesn’t hide a horrible secret? Of course, with the instincts of an ordinary person who had never experienced a shock before, Peter was firmly convinced that his wife was just a normal person like him, with nothing to do with a thousand crazy things going on in this city. 

Following more monstrous clues, Peter Grim eventually discovers his wife in a prison cell. And the reason she’s here is to save the life of their daughter, Lucy. The game is a series of details that lead you to a bigger secret than the imprisonment of Betty or the kidnapping of Lucy. It has to do with all the horrible things that are happening in this city. 


Like the first part, Unholy Adventure 2 is an adventure puzzle game with a bit of role-playing elements in a fantasy story that, in my opinion, is very “sick”. Surrealism spans the entire series but in season 2 the spotlight is a series of challenges and puzzles. If in part 1 you just did something from simple to complex like finding Betty’s phone number, tracking down places she has been, then this part 2 is a series of things that are much more confusing and stressful. 

The context in Unholy Adventure 2 this time is also complicated than in part 1. If before, you spent half an hour struggling in your apartment to do a few things that are not so important and related to the whole plot. Now you will see a haunted building, a mysterious theater, full of mannequins and scary plays, you will enter a surreal laboratory with a series of challenges and classic puzzles, concoct unexpected potions or head straight for a dangerous prison full of hidden objects. In each place, you have to complete a lot of different challenges. And most of them are not just chores like before but have raised the bar a lot.

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Sometimes, it’s adjusting a series of servers in the operating room, sometimes it’s making some kind of horror potion… The structure of all questions is confusing and requires the player’s thinking and the research process more. Perhaps this is the reason that the fear factor in the game has been reduced so that we can focus on the puzzles? 

Graphics and sounds 

The main character remains the same, still has a calm expression, and ignores everything. But everything around him is different now. There are a lot of new characters appearing, Andrew, Betty, the Giant Rabbit, the Pig-faced character, and a character that has only been heard of but has not yet seen, his daughter Lucy. Still the terrifying surreal figure, but this time we’ve seen real people. So, the creepy feeling in part 1 seems to have cooled down. 

Instead, the prickly feeling does not come from the image anymore but now comes from the secrets that are gradually revealed. Crazy people, perverted heads, and hundreds of horrible things are the product of distorted thinking… These things will make you fall into a state of madness, curiosity, and fear at the same time. This fear of not naming will surely once again push you deep into the details of the surreal story called Unholy Adventure 2.

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The sound in this comeback remains the same, and there are more specific details, especially when solving puzzles related to machines and systems… The voiceover is also a strong connection to the player’s mind. You’ll hear each unique voice that matches each character’s physical appearance. In addition to the storyline, fascinating dialogue, this series of voiceovers will make it difficult for you to take your eyes off the screen, even for a minute. 

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Unholy Adventure 2 is a haunting continuation of a series of mysterious events filled with human obsession. I don’t know where everything will go, but the next part 3 is certain. The more I play this game, the more curious I want the publisher to update it quickly. Those who have not played part 1, just play it, and those who have played it, continue with this part 2. I believe, part 3 will be out soon.

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