Ultimate Disc MOD APK 1.2.14 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

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Download Ultimate Disc MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) if you love sports, especially discus throw.

Overview information

NameUltimate Disc
PublisherSupersonic Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce about Ultimate Disc

Sports games are extremely familiar with the gaming community with famous games like football, volleyball, basketball, etc. But maybe discus throw is still very strange to you. Perhaps, not too many people have an interest in this sport. Understanding that psychology, game publisher Supersonic Studios LTD has released Ultimate Disc, an extremely fun discus throw game for mobile phones.

With Ultimate Disc, discus throw is no longer a distant sport for you. Discus throw games for mobile are not many, there are a number of outstanding games like Frisbee Forever, Battle Disc, etc. But I bet you have never seen or played a discus throw game is as interesting as the Ultimate Disc. Try it and know that I’m not lying.


After naming your team, you will be competing against a team representing one country. Must win all three rounds to win the cup. Because this is a game about entertainment, you don’t need to worry too much about winning. If you miss it, they can easily replay and play indefinitely until winning. If you do not want to have to spend time playing from the beginning, you can choose to watch the ad to play right from the latest checkpoint.

How to overcome the enemy’s defense system? That’s the question you need to find the answer to when playing Ultimate Disc. In the first stage, opponents will stand still and your task is to align and throw so that your teammates can get the disc correctly. As later, the difficulty will increase gradually, the opponent will move or even rush towards you. Throwing too close to the opponent is also not a good idea because they can lean to the left or right to get the disc. The upper right corner of the screen has a flame icon. If you throw in succession to your teammates correctly, the fire will burn stronger. When that icon is full, the character will automatically throw the disc high, making it impossible for the opponent to catch.

Besides winning the cup, every match will give you some money. You can use that money to unlock skins and many equipments in the store.


Released for mobile phones, controlling the Ultimate Disc is quite easy. Players only need to use three simple operations, touch, hold and release to throw the disc to their teammates. It sounds simple but this game still requires players to need to carefully calculate the angle, the flight path of the disc. Skillful and choosing the right time to throw is a way for you to win this game.

Unlock costumes

If you’ve ever played other games of Supersonic Studios LTD, you’ll find that the characters in the game are always as minimalist as possible. The characters in your team are all modelled after human figures, but they don’t have eyes, nose and mouth. Initially, they will be blue. Fans are not of much interest by the developer. They are just cylinders with hair and clothes.

Try to win a lot of games to unlock unique costumes for your character (can see ads to fill the process of unlocking costumes). Fill your equipment collection by spending $ 200 on a random spin to get the item you want. Each lucky spin has nine boxes to unlock with many unique skins and outfits. Collect golden keys to unlock more types of discs with different shapes and colors, make your team more unique and fun.

Graphics and sound

Ultimate Disc is designed with minimalistic 3D graphics with lots of fresh colors. Smooth, flexible actions with many interesting throwing movements. Especially, the last throws always apply slow-motion effects to create a more dramatic feeling. Another interesting point is that when you win, the characters always celebrate with many unique dances.

About the MOD version

MOD features

No Ads: Many players say that this game would be perfect without too many ads as it is now. Ads continually appear after you do something, such as buying an outfit or completing a game. To solve this problem, you should use the MOD version of APKMODY.

Unlimited Money: Of course. The goal of many players is to unlock the unique costumes of this game. APKMODY will help your process a little faster through the MOD Unlimited Money version.


Ultimate Disc is a fun sports game that is gaining popularity among gamers. No top-notch graphics, no compelling storylines, but this game is still very attractive thanks to addictive gameplay, suitable for stress relief after a stressful working day. The only minus is too much advertising. Sometimes, it makes players feel uncomfortable when constantly interrupting their experience. That is why you should install the MOD version via the link below.

Download Ultimate Disc MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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