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Turretz APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads) v3.0.9

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Package Namecom.percent.turretz
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Download Turretz MOD APK version (Unlimited Money, No Ads) and join the fierce battle in the distant galaxy. Are you ready to fight?

Introduce about Turretz

The ideas taken by the 111% developer are always something to look forward to. I believe that you are deeply aware of this if you have ever experienced BBTAN by 111%, Wild Tamer or Turretz, their latest game. So what’s so interesting about Turretz? I am also very excited to recommend this game to you!


Turretz started out with a very vast cosmic setting. When planets are in the development of life, they are in danger of being destroyed by giant homeless species. Human is facing the risk of lacking living space, so they need to protect their new homes in the future.


Turretz’s gameplay revolves around controlling a planet moving through space and destroying the dangers that are coming. To do that, the planet needs to be equipped with some of the weapons and the most basic type that the system provides the player is Basic Turret. It uses a single type of ammunition, which automatically fires without activation.

The control is quite simple, you just need to touch the screen to move your planet in all directions. The bottom line is evading enemy attacks. It is divided into big waves, constantly bouncing back on your planet. As you know, your planet has only a limited endurance. Until its health drops to zero, it will explode and your game is over.

The challenge is constantly increasing

A planet is always spinning, so when placing missiles on it and shooting at the enemies, the bullets will also be shot in different directions. It is this that creates a challenge for players because the aiming is not simple.

Moreover, each wave of attack has a limit point. The first level is 70, and when you pass it, a giant Boss appears. It’s not simply standing in one place and firing deadly rockets, but it is also moving and trying to crash into your planet. But if you are clever enough, agile enough to evade the damage and kill the boss, you will receive a lot of bonuses along with a short period of time to recover before facing the second wave. Of course, the difficulty in the next wave will be higher while their attack method is constantly changing. Get used to that!

Explore your weapons

To play well, skill alone is not enough. You need to be equipped with the most advanced weapons, along with the support from asteroids.

First of all, what does the weapon system have? Multi Turrett, Y Turret, Push, Rapid Laser, Splash Turret, Missile and dozens more. They are very powerful and have superior capabilities than the Basic Turret gun that I showed you at the beginning of the game. They are stronger in both respects damage level, rate of fire and number of bullets per turn. Multi Turrett can fire three bullets at the same time, while Rapid Laser can fire continuous lasers to burn enemies within a certain range. I like this type very much because of its flexibility. Moreover, they can be upgraded to enhance stats.

Besides these advanced weapons, you can unlock asteroids and satellites. It’s hard to know how useful they are if you don’t own them. More specifically, these asteroids and satellites will move around your planet to create a protective shield. Any enemies that come near and get hit, they will be destroyed. Moooooooon can be purchased at the first time when you just experience Turretz. They are quite cheap, but at level 1, the orbit speed is quite slow and the damage is not really high. You can upgrade to improve it.


Your planet is blue by default and it is pretty monotonous, I think. If you want to change this, visit the store. Here, there are many interesting things that you can choose to change into a new shirt for your planet. What about Emerald, the green planet that formed millions of years ago, with its surface covered with diamonds? Or do you want a planet with storms, causing the earth to appear earthquakes and tornadoes like the Storm planet?

The MOD APK version of Turretz

What is Turretz MOD APK?

Turretz MOD APK is a modified version of the original game. It provides a number of benefits to you and makes it easier to accomplish the goals of the game.

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money when starting the game. Besides, the money increases when you use.
  • No Ads.
  • Double Coins.


With simple, addictive but challenging gameplay, Turretz MOD APK will bring you a great time of entertainment. Download this game and enjoy it now.

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