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True Fishing APK + MOD (Unlocked, Unlimited Money) v1.14.4.688

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NameTrue Fishing
PublisherAndromeda Coders
MOD FeaturesUnlocked, Unlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.2
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True Fishing MOD APK is a new fishing simulation game on the mobile platform, published by Andromeda Coders. In the game, you will make quite stressful fishing trips with a lot of relevant information and data.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about True Fishing
    1. The most professional fishing simulation game ever
    2. A series of attractive gameplay scenes
    3. Note to you
  2. MOD APK version of True Fishing
    1. MOD features
  3. Download True Fishing MOD APK for Android

Introduce about True Fishing

Go fishing for fun, relax like a professional fisherman!

What is the ultimate purpose of a fishing trip? Is it learning patience, killing time or simply catching fish and asserting your level? No matter what reason you choose in real life to hold the rod in your hand, in True Fishing, you have the ground to achieve it, in a very neat and detailed way.

The most professional fishing simulation game ever

True Fishing is the most true and professional fishing simulation game I’ve ever known. Professional means you don’t just pick up your rod and go fishing. You have to think very carefully about the factors related to the fishing trip, such as where you go, the environment, what kind of fish. After choosing a location, then go back to prepare gear, including fishing rods, fishing lines, bait, chairs, tents, …

Remember to check the weather to see if that day is favorable to you, or should you choose another day to go. You have a hundred things to choose from and make decisions like that before a fisherman’s greatest moment arrives: pull the rod with fish on the hook. And you can even “duels” with another player who is also playing the game online in competitive mode.

And because the whole fishing process takes place in such a meticulous and detailed way, so don’t be too shocked when the menu of the game pops up a series of these categories: Shop, Inventory, Locations, Fish sale, Quests, Tournaments, Premium, Profile, Weather, Settings, Helps. Start playing, slowly go through each part of this menu to see if there are any useful or interesting details in it, then it’s not too late to start playing, remember.

A series of attractive gameplay scenes

True Fishing has a total of 26 places for you to drop your fishing rod. Each place has different terrain, scenery, colors, water levels, climate and especially different fish species. And if you ask, how many fishes to catch? I’m sure it’s impossible to experience them all, but according to the developer, there are about 250 different species of fish. And of course, in the future there will be many more giant fishes wait for you.

Corresponding to the big number of species, the types of fishing rods and baits are also extremely many (10 types of rods with more than 30 baits). And they also warn that there will be more than 200 different missions waiting for professional fishermans, so let’s play and enjoy.

Note to you

I have a small message for new players. After a few painful times in the game, I realized that the weather of each place and each time is simulated quite close to reality, and one annoying thing is that it will affect the habits and reactions of the fish you are wanting to catch. There are two types of weather in True Fishing.

Some regions have typical climates, such as cold weather, salty water, etc. Others have short-term weather, which means that the weather often changes from day to day. Maybe because of this change, the fish will be lazy to go around looking for food, want to sleep in the cave more or they have difficulty distinguishing between bait and rainwater. Your task is to consider both of these factors and take appropriate backup measures for your fishing trip.

You can also cast 2 fishing rods at the same time. So, the number of fish caught each day can be very large, the rest depends on ingenuity and detailed choices from the beginning. While fishing, if you play in online mode, you can also chat with other fishermen about all sorts of things in the world. Fishing is inherently an elegant hobby, a great time killing thing.

MOD APK version of True Fishing

MOD features

  • Unlock Paid Features
  • Unlimited Money (Buy an item, you will get a lot of money)

Download True Fishing MOD APK for Android

Simple, but beautiful, sharp 2D graphics. Especially the rods and the hundreds of types of fish in here all show up very delicately. The game is worth playing, especially for those of you who have the same hobby of fishing as I do. If you have no plans for the summer, download True Fishing MOD APK to fish with me and everyone!

True Fishing v1.14.4.688 APKMODMoney
True Fishing v1.14.4.688 APK

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